It’s the weekend baby!

28 October , 2011

Go ahead and let it all hang out… 😉

201109183260 I have not spent the day at the office wishing I was anywhere but at the office. SteamCleaner asked me to come play site supervisor at her place while they lay the new laminate floors. It has not gone down without incident and I’m still here, but thank goodness for ADSL, my reader is now empty! 😆 (there have actually been more incidents than non-incidents and I am starting to think I might not be the world’s best site supervisor – but they’re getting it done and have only broken something very small so far. Oh, and we’ve discovered that her top floor is not waterproof, or screetproof as the case may be. Luckily it has only rained screet in two places downstairs, so far).

Tomorrow is big finale concert day at Nicola’s school. I hope it goes well. The teacher tells me that she has refused to go on stage for parctice this whole week – so I’m not convinced it will. Can’t cross the bridge till we get to it though? *shrug* I will rock up, ready to swoop in and rescue if I have to.

Oh yes, and another thing…Nicola, my dear dare devil daughter, has learnt how to get into and out of the bath by herself now. She especially likes doing that when I tell her not to of course. She gets in, puts the plug in and then tells me it’s a little too hot. Even though there isn’t even any water in it! (This can only get better when she learns how to open taps) 😆 This morning she decided to get on the side and used it as a slide going down. It would have worked too if she didn’t forget to let go with both hands instead of one, so now her one arm hurts a bit. Nothing broken, just a bit of a pull in the shoulder muscle from what I can tell. Only one way to learn, right?

I may be completely grey before she hits primary school…we have medical aid and we’re not afraid to use it! 😉

Hope you all have a kick-ass weekend.



  1. I love the pic!

    I have some n*ked pics D took of the kids the other day (won’t blog them obviously) but they are so cute!

    oh, they now strip off all their clothes the MINUTE they get a chance – I’ve had to have lots of talks about “bad manners”

    I’m sure youre the perfect site supervisor with that look you have…

    have a great weekend!

  2. That is such a cute pic of her. I am sure she will be fine but if not, that’s also OK. Take lots of pics!

  3. Joshua refused to go on stage for his first concert. He screamed the entire time.I don’t think I’ll have the same prob with the girls tho, they love being centre of attraction “typical girls”

  4. Marcia, this is about as naked as I’ll go on here. 😉 although I did do a couple of bath ones before with some very thorough cropping! Nicola has also started taking her kit off at any opportunity she gets now.

    Julia, she did great! 😀

    Fairy Girl, she did really well this time round. At one point in the concert the baby next to her was getting quite into the music and I could clearly see my daughter point her little finger at her and tell her to sit still! 😆

  5. My knucklehead really tested the necessity of having a medical aid!

  6. I suspect Nicola will be the same. Now that she’s not constantly sick anymore (except for the tonsil bit) she gets into some decent scrapes because she loves to climb on top of high things and she’s pretty much fearless.

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