Hang on to your hat!

27 October , 2011

201109193272 The escape strategy is coming along nicely. I have now declared my outside interest to the absolute confusion of the legal and compliance secretary…apparently my form is the first one she’s ever received and she’s not to sure what to do with it. I told her to hang on to it for entertainment purposes. Escape strategies must be thin on the ground round here?

I can’t tell you too much yet, because we’re in the process of all kinds of registrations, but what I can tell you is that yesterday morning I was still tweaking a presentation for funding and by the time I went to bed we had our first confirmed customer for a macgafter that is only halfway built and designed at the moment. Whooo-hooo! *does many virtual cartwheels* This means we might not need funding and then we don’t have to give Intellectual property rights away to get it. *more cartwheels*

Installation needs to happen in about two weeks! That means Clayton has to finish the macgafter and get it installed. We also have to get the company registered, register domain/s, register for VAT, write contracts and get them signed, figure out a billing system, and and and… 😀

Let the games begin!

Ps! When I spoke to Clayton last night about this he said that he’d like to be the optimist and I should be the pessimist. I said I want to be the optimist, can’t we both be that one? And then we both started laughing. This is going to be sooo awesome!  😀

Soon I will tell you all, promise.



  1. Please send me an email I have a question to ask you c.l.coetzee at gmail dot com

  2. I have just sent you a mail. 🙂

  3. Sounds very very exciting!

  4. Sounds VERY exciting!

  5. Jenty and Julia, I am really itching to tell you all 😀 soon…real soon…promise!

  6. The suspense is killing me!

  7. Hahaha, not long now… 😉 Couple of weeks at most

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