And then…

25 October , 2011

So after my very heated start of the day yesterday, due to the IT “enhancement” they installed on my laptop, the day was not quite done with me yet. I was busy on one of the secret tools, doing the secret stuff of the secret place so I didn’t notice it at first but later on it became apparent that after the “enhancement”, where instead of one username and one password I now had two usernames and three passwords to start my machine, I now also had the added “benefit” of not being authorised to open my own documents because the encryption software wasn’t having any of this new username malarky either. Also, I could not print anything. 


They tried to magic it right again, but couldn’t. In the end they unenhanced my machine again so everything works like before and I’m back to the much less enhanced but more efficient one username situation again. They have said that they will now regroup and find a different way of ruining my day…well, not in those exact words – but I can read between the lines. I am hoping that they will take their time about it.

I was so relieved that I even apologised to the dude for being such a first class bitch to him about the whole business. He said I was the nicest person he spoke to all day. I’m not sure if he’s being sarcastic or if he just really had a shitty day. Shame man, if that is the case I feel very sorry for him. He’s not scurrying to dark corners when he sees me coming down the passage anymore. Peace has been restored. All is well.

201109113168 I just love the photo of Nicola that was taken a few weeks ago at my parents’ place. Let me translate that body language for you: No mom, I will NOT get off the gate, no matter how many times you ask me to.

Pick your battles I guess.  😉



  1. Glorious hair she’s got! And yes. Some battles are just not worth it. Unless they’re about to break something it’s best to move swiftly along….

  2. I fully agree! 😀

  3. I just love your description of their “regrouping”!

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