24 October , 2011

201109113163We had a good relaxing weekend, even with the school concert and tonsils in between. Yesterday my family came over for coffee, and my mom brought cake too. It was nice having everyone over. Nicola was running around like a loon, very excited – our place is tiny so usually when we see everyone it’s at my folks. We stayed home yesterday so she could rest as much as possible and hopefully get better (4 hour epic nap in the afternoon certainly didn’t hurt me either!). She is actually looking much better today already.

At some point she decided she had enough and just disappeared into the bedroom. When I went looking for her she had put herself back in bed and pulled the blankets over her (which she never does even when it’s cold). Everyone cleared out and left us with half a cake to look after. 😉

It is hot hot hot in JHB at the moment. It was allegedly about 32’C yesterday and today is the same or more. My poor vegetables looked like they were checking out by lunch time so I watered them early. The ones that really seem to suffer the most are lettuce, sweet pepper and cucumber. We could do with some rain…that kind of makes me feel like a farmer saying that. 😉

>Right, up top here it’s all sunshine and light, don’t read on if you have sensitive ears. I am having a temper tantrum kind of day and I’m not referring to Nicola…seriously, just skip this bit if you don’t want to hear me lose it over something trivial!

I got to the secret place this morning, and the wheels fell off. Some little dude came round on Friday to do something secret to my laptop, which he assured me would have no real impact one me whatsoever…my data would just live on a different server from todayonwards. He is a shit-face-liar…which I told him in no uncertain terms this morning. I may have actually growled at him at some point of our exchange and there was a lot of arm swinging and talking with my hands and gesturing of either himself or the laptop taking a flying leap out the stupid window. It actually became so heated that the project manager who unleashed him on my laptop came to try and calm everyone the hell down.

So…whereas last weekwhen I switched my laptop on I had one username and one password that would open up at least three different applications upon start-up, I now have two usernames and three passwords, and they do not bloody synch themselves when one expires. Clearly this is NOT MAKING MY LIFE EASIER or at worst NOT AFFECTING ME AT ALL. Dude then decided the best option available to him would be to start spouting lies about how he explained this to me last week (he did no such thing), and waffling absolute horse manure about complexity of passwords (which he clearly had no clue about). This led to me first saying to him, “I am wearing my not impressed face in case you missed it.” and then more hand gesturing, fist swinging and general excitement all round.

When I told him that my laptop worked just fine until he “fixed” it last week and that he can take his shit off and restore it the way it was if that was the case, he miraculously managed to get all the passwords to sync. However as soon as one expires we will have to go through this drama AGAIN. I realise that I may be wearing the cranky pants today and this whole situation is pissing me off way more than it really should…but right now I really want to be out of here before I have to reset those STUPID F-ING PASSWORDS again!

At some point wise-ass offered his cheek to me in case I wanted to punch him in frustration. My “Don’t tempt me.” and the family f-you look I gave him, shut him up quick enough. When he sees me in passages he scurries for a dark corner now.

It’s probably for the best. Grrrrrr…



  1. stupid little man!!

    I hate 90% of all IT people!!


  2. Tamiya, I get on very well with a few of them…this one just isn’t one of those. Thanks for the hug! 😆

  3. Why oh why do they fiddle with things that work perfectly well?

  4. oh i have the other problem – I log a call and of course when they arrive everything works perfectly. I told the last dude, “why don’t you just grab a chair and come sit next to me so everything will always work?”

    i love your rants

  5. cat, I think they’re missing the point…

    Marcia, 😆 glad you enjoyed it – I’ll do a little follow up today.

  6. […] after my very heated start of the day yesterday, due to the IT “enhancement” they installed on my laptop, the day was not quite done […]

  7. Ugh. Hate when self-proclaimed “experts” get their grubby paws on my tech…

  8. If it’s not broken why fix it?!

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