School concert – part 1

23 October , 2011

Nicola’s school is having their annual school concert. There are two shows, one was this past Saturday and the other is next week Saturday. They are performing the nativity scene, and they’ve practising really hard.

I bought tickets for the family for next weekend but I didn’t want Nicola to be alone for her first performance, so I got myself a ticket for this week too.

Let me start off by saying they all looked so adorable! (And some of them even enjoyed it)

201110223784First up was the principal. She cautioned all the parents that some of the kids would not be happy to see them. Apparently they don’t cry when they practise at all…but come show time it’s always another story. It’s good she warned us, some of those babies were really not happy at all.

201110223785  Opening scene…and the only one I got to see Nicola in because my dear daughter fell asleep after this one and only took part in the first 10 minutes. She’s sick with tonsillitis again…poor baby.

Can you spot her?

Copy of 201110223785Here, let me help…

201110223789  201110223790

It was obviously very cute…but I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it. Actually I felt rather traumatised after the whole thing. I picked Nicola up, gave her the biggest squish ever and got the hell out of dodge.

I’m actually kind of glad that she only made the first 10 minutes, and she didn’t seem all that phased about it. Some of those kids were crying like their hearts were braking, and no one took them off stage. Imagine how daunting it must be when you’re freaking out and now one comes to rescue you, they just keep taking photos (hundreds of them!) and laughing?

If my Nicola had a meltdown like that, I would have whipped her off that stage in no time flat. (And I was in the front row so perfect position for just such a rescue. We’ll see how she does next weekend (if she feels better and doesn’t fall asleep), I bet I could still do that from the fourth row.

I am looking at Anne Geddes type photography in a whole new light after this… 😦



  1. oh my word, they’re so sweet.

    yes…. I have a thing wrestling inside of me. On the one hand, it’s all part of life… (but not this young, surely) and on the other hand, I’m MAMA BEAR.

    I remember going to my friend’s kid’s ballet concert when she was 3 or 4 (pre-trying to conceive days obviously as you would not get me NEAR kids then) and she just froze. the other little teapots did their thing – she was petrified and just stared at the audience. I really really felt bad for her – poor little mite (can you see I’m still reading all those British books? hahaha)

  2. So with you on taking my baby off the stage when they’re upset, shame man. But Nicola looks super cute on stage 🙂

  3. Marcia, I agree (not this young – shame man). I actually don’t think Nicola is going to freak out like some of those kids did, but i guess you never can tell?

    Natasha, thanks! She is just adorable. 😀

  4. Oh my word she looked so adorable!!!

  5. Thanks Ruby, I think so too…and not just because I’m biased of course. 😉

  6. The Boys’ school does it on a much smaller scale – outside, under the big tree. And it really works so much better, the more informal setting.

  7. cat, i can imagine that it must be much less intimidating for the kids to do it that way.

  8. I love their little concerts – even now when I see them on stage I shed a small tear.

    I have dvds of a few of them and in each group there is a kid crying (screaming) – I think the one principal asked us to please not come up and get them – they would deal with it and they did but as a parent I am super glad neither of mine screamed!

  9. I’m really hoping Nicola will breeze through it too…I don’t know if I have it in me to just sit there and watch her cry (I really don’t think so).

  10. I have honestly never understood why they make the littlies take party in the concerts…

  11. Must be for the cute factor (cause they have that in spades).

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