Gardening update

23 October , 2011

Everything is coming along nicely 🙂 The peas, pumpkin and cucumber has started blossoming…and we even had some of the lettuce on hamburgers the other day.

Here are loooooads of pictures of the progress.

201109193267  201109253368

201109213298 201109263376

201109263375  201110023416

201110023418  201110083522

201110113629  201110133667

201110203749  201110233805

201110213756  201110223791

Luckily they seem pretty resilient….Nicola is not the gentlest waterer, and she INSISTS on doing the watering! 😆



  1. Love your little pottery veg garden…inspirational for us, as we live on the 2nd floor of a townhouse, and this is the only way we can grow our own veg. Our problem, our cat Minx might eat the veggie leaves 😉

  2. Natasha, it’s very relaxing as well – just watching them grow and so on. And of course Nicola has an absolute blast looking after them with me. How many vegetables we’ll actually get out of this I’m not too sure, but we’ll see. What I like about the idea of a veggie garden. other than it’s no pesticide and ripen on the plant benfits, is that there should be less waste too. It’s just the two of us and Nicola isn’t the biggest eater to start off with, so if I buy a bag of tomotoes we either have to eat tomatoes every day or some of it spoils before we can get to it. Now i should just be able to pick when I need…in theory. 😉

  3. WOW! I am sooooo jealous! I have finally got round to planting mine but they are now just little shoots 🙂

    Well done!

  4. Laura, thanks! They’ll be all grown up before you know it. The speed at which they get going once they pop their heads out is actually astounding! Just last week some of them started flowering, this week I already have my first baby pea pod. 🙂

  5. Wow! That’s coming along beautifully!

  6. Thank you! I love it, it’s so relaxing just having some green to look at. When it’s not raining we like to sit outside and eat our dinner there now. Magic… 🙂

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