21 October , 2011

Nicola has her own phone 😉 (there’s no sim in it and it probably wouldn’t work as a real phone anymore even if there was – she tends to throw it down when she’s done “talking” on it).


And who does she phone on her phone? Well, sometimes she phones Ouma, sometimes Oupa, sometimes Ouma Joey, and sometimes TheSparrow. Usually, the conversation goes something along the lines of Hallo Oumaaaaah…Ja…Nog nie…Ek weet nie…Okay, sien later!…Bye bye! And then she rains down hugs and kisses on the phone and chucks it on the floor. It’s very cute. 😆

Anyhoo, just thought I’d mention that calm has been restored to the land…and I still don’t want to talk about it, but thank you to everyone for the support.



  1. Ag te pragtig!

  2. Dankie! 😀

  3. Lawdy its posts like this that make me hate playing catch-up! Belated “I’m here if you need me” thoughts…

  4. Thanks Angel

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