Feeding the ducks at Tannie Louelle’s place

18 October , 2011

This happened last week but I am waaaay behind in my posts again of course!

201110093553 When we arrived there the first thing we got to see was an owl in the garden! Nicola of course was who-who-ing up a storm, this particular owl did not who-who back though. He made funny hissing and clicking noises when you came to close to him but made no effort to actually leave.

201110093559Oom Hendrik and Tannie Louelle. 🙂

201110093560  Nicola is definitely picking up some English at school, and sometimes it makes for some funny results. I didn’t get an action shot, but we were sitting at the counter which is covered in mosaic. I asked her if it’s a “lekker” toonbank and she said yes and started licking it! 😆

201110093567The way Nicola thinks operation “feed the ducks” works is that we throw the bread and lure the ducks so that she can chase them and try to touch them.

201110093570At times she came pretty close!

201110093575I had to step in and pick her up a couple of times because she was also rather keen on pursuing them into the water. This didn’t make me extremely popular as you can imagine.

201110093577In the complex there is also a lovely playground area which Nicola gave a good workout.

201110093584The easiest way to get up a slide…

201110093586Chasing a hadeda. This bird was kind of lazy and a couple of times eh almost caught him! They have sharp bits and I really didn’t want her to win, so whenever she came too close I would sneak up behind her and flap my arms to scare it off. 😆

201110093588Tannie Louelle and Oom Danie.

201110093590First time going down the slide on her bum, before that she climbed up the slide and went down on her tummy. But here she mastered the top turnaround.

201110093593More playground fun!

We had a great day and we’ll definitely be doing that again. 😀



  1. Playgrounds are awesome! and ANY child will tell you the best way of getting up the slide is on the slippery part:)

  2. Glad she got to hoot at a real owl and not just the daft eagle on my front gate 😉 Although it sounds like the real owl was a bit grumpier.

  3. Ruby, as long as you don’t have shoes on, definitely 😉 (that’s why I took them off – see, I understand)

    Tamara, much grumpier. The sound it made at us was very similar to what a electric fence sounds like when it’s raining. Clear sing of “do not F with me” if you ask me.

  4. Too cute man!

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