Definitely my kid…

18 October , 2011

A friend, who has always found it funny that I don’t like pink or ruffles bought Nicola a pink ruffely dress (and in a age group where she can get stubborn about what she wants to wear and veto me if she likes on top of that).

I thought, to be fair, we should try the dress at least once before she outgrows it…

201109113160She doesn’t like it…at all. (I had to get a pic before it came off, cause it’s definitely not going on again!). She did not stop complaining until it was not only OFF, but out of sight as well. (Yay – That’s my girl!)

201109113161Afterwards, in much more relaxed clothing, poor Nicola seemed quite traumatised by the whole experience. Sorry baby, we wouldn’t have known until we tried. It won’t happen again. 😆



  1. Hilarious!

    Now sadly, I’m like you two and Kendra is ultra girly – if she didn’t get gifts from other people, she’d barely have pink in the wardrobe 🙂

  2. That’s hilarious. And I’m glad that you – like me – still carry on taking photos through the tears. I remember once Jackson was bitten by a bird, and his tears were so funny that I was comforting him with one hand and taking a photo with the other!

  3. Marcia, I don’t mind SOME pink, just not all pink. Frills, i don’t like at all. Oh i should add I don’t mind some pink for Nicola, for me i only like that in underwear, sometimes…and not the pale pink either. 😉

    Rebecca, hahaha – how did a bird end up biting Jackson?! I *had* to get the photo…ther’s no way that dress is going anywhere near her again…and how else would I prove this to her later if she turns into a girly-girl when she’s a teen? 😆 (I totally get why you would take that photo)

  4. OMW that’s funny! Poor sweetheart!

  5. Very traumatic – I won’t do that to her again. 😉

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