So sweet…

16 October , 2011

201109103141 I’ve picked up some sort of stomach bug, and I’ve been in absolute agony with cramps since about 16:00. Initially i thought if I slept it off it would just go away (hopeful thinking on my part there) but it really hurts like crazy and Nicola kept zoning in on my tender to climb over me or on top of me for cuddles. I wasn’t sure if I was going to end up throwing up or passing out from the pain…and she showed no signs of wanting to actually fall asleep.

Eventually it turned out that passing out wasn’t going to be on the cards for me. As I’m busy throwing up in the toilet, Nicola got out of bed and came to stand next to me. She kept patting my shoulder and saying, “Mamma, okay?” and then giving me hugs saying, “Toemaar, ek maak dit beter”.

Too sweet…I love this little girl to bits!

I’m feeling a bit better now and I’m going to try and get some sleep, but if I don’t feel 100% in the morning I think a visit to the doctor and a duvet day might be in order…



  1. Argh how sucky Louisa 😦 Nicola does sound super cute though 🙂

  2. Oy. That’s exactly how my gastro started – cramps then hurling. Hope yours goes away MUCH faster!

  3. Oh NO! Vomiting is the worse thing in the world ever – I hate it so much!

    How are you feeling today? Are you under the duvet?

  4. Laura, she’s a real star…she even made me smile when I really didn’t feel like it.

    Tamara, thanks my friend. So far so good, I think I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow but I am feeling very sorry for myself today.

    Marcia, I feel like all the colour has been washed out of me…if that makes sense. I am indeed under the duvet. Dropped the kids off at school and came straight back to bed. I feel like there are a gazillion things I could be getting done with this extra time at home, but I just couldn’t be bothered right now.

  5. Aw poor little sweetheart! Its really kak to be sick when you have a kidlet to look after.

  6. Definitely not fun either way I’m sure…I’m just glad she’s not sick as well.

  7. My hubby also had the dreaded bug – I always think how bad single parents must have it when I am sick with the kids around me.

  8. There seems to be a lot of this bug going around at the moment. I do better when I’m sick than when she’s sick…

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