Quick update on quitting

12 October , 2011

Photo of Nicola “planting” the flowers again after she’s picked them. 😉


I have still not gotten round to downloading my photos from the weekend. The reason being that I find myself unable to keep my eyes open after I’ve put Nicola to bed at 20:00…and I figure, why fight that right? Being asleep does wonders for missing out on my cravings anyway. 😉

The only problem is that I now constantly wake up to Whatsapp messages from my sparrow saying things like, “It’s very rude to fall asleep without saying goodnight you know…lol”. I do feel a tiny bit guilty about that, but I’m sure I’ll get better again. Right now I need as much sleep as I can get. I say sorry when I wake up (even if it’s at 2:00am – hehehehe).

So, you may have wondered how am I doing with the quitting business and the answer is – not bad actually. This is my first ever attempt at cold turkey quitting, and I won’t lie, Monday was ROUGH. I actually did fine all day until exactly 15:00 when one of colleagues got up to have his 15:00 smoke, which I usually had with him, I felt like wrestling him for the half a pack of smokes I gifted him that very morning and lighting at least three at once! I happened to be chatting to Sparrow at the time and asked him to distract me because I really did not want to fail…his solution was to go buy a red bull and some chocolate (which I did not find incredibly helpful at the time, although the red bull actually came in handy on my way home a bit later). It is perhaps better that he didn’t get to see my face when he made that suggestion (in an effort not to get hooked on red bull instead of smokes I’ve only had one since he suggested it).

I had a little weep in the ladies room at work. I’m still not sure if it was because I really wanted a smoke, or because I really did not want to be wanting a smoke. It doesn’t matter, I didn’t have it and that took me one step closer to kicking my nicotine addiction.  I decided to do something I never do to distract myself untill the craving passed. So I ended up taking the stairs down and up 4 flights, then I felt better (except for the bit where I was having trouble breathing – hahahaha!). On the way down, and up, I was thinking to myself that if I really didn’t feel better by the time I got back to the top (crawling if I had to) then i should maybe ask someone to chuck me over the balcony. It will be a quicker and more merciful way to die that to kill myself one cigarette at a time. That actually got me laughing at myself (talk about the drama darlings!) and I think that may have done the trick.  😆

On Tuesday, being day two, I was still anticipating a bit of unpleasantness but it really wasn’t that bad. If someone asked me to explain it I would have said that on Monday I WANTED to the point where I cried, on Tuesday I just WANTED, and today I just wanted. Makes sense? Anyhoo, the first three days are the worst as far as I’m concerned – so we are just about over the hump on this one, whoohooo!



  1. Good luck for the road ahead and you are doing so well. I put my phone on silent the moment I get in bed.

  2. Trots op jou! Hou uit, byt vas, jy sal deur die ook kom!

  3. my phone is more on silent than it is on 🙂 (seriously!)

    i forgot to ask you more about “your sparrow” when we met….

    i’m so proud of you for just doing it – I did like your plan though – that’s more my style… slowly, until I’m forced to do otherwise!

    can’t wait to hear more.

  4. cat, my phone is always on silent. I like it on silent during the day because it’s an open plan office, and I think if everyone is blasting their ringtones full volume it’s very annoying. Also, since I use my phone for photos when it’s on silent Nicola doesn’t notice I’m taking photos (or at least sometimes she doesn’t notice) and she doesn’t run away or try and take my phone off me!

    Wanette, thanks chica! 🙂

    Marcia, mine too… I’ll send you a mail…I’m thinking of doing just a few detailed posts about the why and the how’s of my quitting process. It’s good to get it out there, and who knows maybe it will help someone else through it at some point?

  5. Respect lady:) I’ve never smoked..but i’ve had plenty of friends who tried to quit (unsuccessfully) or who did quit (successfully) nobody has EVER said t was easy! Good luck and if you need distraction over a weekend we should do coffee:)

  6. Thanks Ruby…we should probably rather do walk? I find it much better to be constantly moving at the moment. 😉

  7. Glad it’s getting less rough. Strongs for the next few days.

  8. Thanks Tamara! 😀

  9. Awesome! That is awesome! I am so proud of you!

  10. Thank you Angel

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