And that as they say, is that.

10 October , 2011

So I stopped smoking last night. Imagine that…

As you know it is one of the items on my list for the year, and I think I’ve even mentioned that I’m planning it for this month? Well when I said that I was actually thinking more towards the end of this month really…possibly even stretching it if I had to into next month or a new year’s resolution. Obviously I felt really strongly about the whole business. 😉

I actually made up this little drag-your-feet “action” plan on how to do it over the course of a month too. Week 1 I was going to just cut down a bit. Week 2 I would stop smoking at the office. Week 3 I would stop smoking in my car. Week 4 I would stop smoking at home. And ta-dah! Then I could just sit back and wait to fall off the wagon again. Good plan, not so?

Then on about Friday (still well and truly in my cut down week of the plan where I somehow ended up smoking more than when I don’t cut down) I remembered when my dad stopped smoking after 30-odd years he did it using that Allen Carr book and never looked back again. I seemed to recall that it more or less entailed reading a book, and then he was done. Seemed like a much more pleasant way to do it that torturing myself and everyone around me for a month.

Excellent, I thought. I will read this book (my dad has only sent me about 5 copies or so), and I’ll be swatting two flies with one blow. I’ll have the smoking thing done, and I’ll have another book under my belt which is also on my list (and I have run out of things to read till my Kalahari order arrives).

I wanted to stop smoking, but I don’t think I fully wrapped my head about what that would mean to me going forward until I read the book. And now have I quit. It’s as easy as that, really. Took me two days to read it, and I had my last smoke last night after I finished. I am anticipating some minor cravings for the next three weeks but I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle. I am done.

To all you smokers out there: I quit in the middle of a packet and I didn’t hang on to the rest. You’ll understand what I mean by this.

How does it work? It’s not magic, I’ll tell you that much. And the book wouldn’t have helped me one bit until I was ready to read it. It’s one of those free copy ones, comment with a valid email address and I’ll send it to you (if you want).

I’ll tell you more about what we got up to over the weekend tomorrow. Have a super fantastic day kids! 😉



  1. GO YOU!!!

    Maximum respect Louisa

  2. Well done! Proud of you. I have never been a smoker – in I grill at smoking -that pic of your at the top of the post – yuk! I have to scroll down not to see it!

  3. TF has been hammering me about this habit of mine. One that I have been indulging for half my life, really, that’s 13 years.

    Please send me the book. Maybe it will help….

  4. Well done! I am happy to hear that you are on the right track… My mom has to stop smoking too as she had a heart attack. The doctor was so blunt with her and told her that she can smoke and he gives her 5-10 years before she dies. Would you please send me the book 🙂 please.

  5. Well done and hang in there! I quit 16 years ago (a 40-a-day habit) and it really is one of the best decisions I made! I remember that it was just about surviving one hour at a time the first month…nicotine is a serious addiction! Sterkte!

  6. Hi Louisa
    Wonderful to hear you found Allen’s book helpful. Congratulations on becoming a happy non-smoker 🙂 If you ever have any difficulty at all in the future please feel very welcome to contact your nearest Allen Carr’s Easyway clinic (via http://www.allencarr.com). We can provide telephone support and also run stop smoking seminars for people who prefer a live event to reading! Anyway, great to hear you quit and best wishes from all of us at Allen Carr’s Easyway head office in London xxx

  7. Chris, thanks hun 😀 It’s a pretty big thing…

    cat, 😆 I specifically picked it for the gross factor. Initially I though of finding “The End” written in smoke or something, but once I started looking for a suitable pic this one just jumped out at me.

    Tamiya, I started smoking when I was 15. Had one break of 2 years and one of about 9 months in between – that puts it at about 15 or 16 years for me too (breaks excluded). I wasn’t online from home yesterday, but I’ll send it tonight!

    gaby, I will send it tonight, promise. I hope that your mother is ready to stop? It’s not a nice way to go.

    DibanisaWay, well done – it couldn’t have been easy. I’m in the worst part of the quitting process right now. First 72 hours are just hell in my opinion, after that it gets a lot easier. I had a little weep yesterday in the loo at work, not sure if I was crying because I wanted a smoke so bad or if I was crying because I so badly didn’t want to want a smoke, either way – I made it through the day without folding. One step closer, and that’s all that counts.

    Sue, it really has been a big help thank you! 😆 When I started reading it I honestly didn’t think that it would be. For the first half of the book I kept trying to figure out what “the trick was” and how it worked. Then the more I read the less I actually enjoyed my cigarettes and I realised there was no trick, it’s just the truth. If I get stuck I’ll be in touch, thanks.

  8. Congrats!!

    I know how hard it is to quit and will be sending you many happy thoughts as you tackle this beast of a habit 😉


    (P.S. it does get easier and after 3 weeks it is a walk in the park)

  9. Thanks Briget! 😀 I’ll hang in there. Keep sending those happy thoughts – i need as many as you can spare.

  10. […] me, enrages me, the things I feel passionate about and stuff that just leaves me cold « And that as they say, is that. Quick update on quitting 12 October , […]

  11. i think my SIL and BIL need your book 🙂

    but I don’t think they’re ready. D’s uncle quit cold turkey after his doc told him he had gum disease and whatnot after about 30 years of smoking. even after all his horror stories (he had to have an op to fix the gums) they are still not swayed.

  12. Marcia, I’ll send it to you anyway – they can always read it when they’re ready? 😉

  13. […] I’m still harping on ad infinitum about the quitting process. If it doesn’t interest you, hang in there normal programming will resume at some point […]

  14. I’m so very proud of you!! Stick with it!!

  15. Thanks Tara 🙂

  16. I am still a social smoker…
    *sheepish look*

  17. Angel, I don’t have the discipline for that 😆 I’m a 0 or 20 a day smoker and nothing in between.

  18. Ek is baie trots op jou. Ek het my rokende seun vertel van jou sukses en die boekie wat jou gehelp het, toe vra hy of ek dit ook asb by jou kan kry.

  19. Hoendersop, sal dit vanaand vir jou aanstuur. En dankie… 🙂

  20. I realise this blog is old by now, but for anyone else out there who need some extra help quitting here is an article for you.

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