What I love about school holidays

6 October , 2011

When I was in school I loved it for the obvious reasons of not having to go to school. That meant I could sleep late (mostly…and by late I mean probably about 06:00 or 07:00 – I’ve never been able to do that thing properly like the people who manage to stretch it till noon), sometimes go visit my gran along with my cousins for a week or so, or go on camping trips with friends.

It was wonderful.

Now I love school holidays because the traffic is awesome. It’s weird because not a lot of school kids drive that I know of anyway. I get that their parents obviously have to drop them off but I still find it hard to believe how big a difference it makes to my morning. A normal morning starts off with us leaving home at about 06:30 (that’s when Nicola’s school opens), by the time I get to work (15km away on a route that everyone and their dog apparently takes) it’s 08:00 if I’m lucky, 09:00 if I’m not lucky (2 traffic lights out and my morning’s screwed!). It is school holiday now, and not even the big one when everyone leaves town (December) so a lot of people still at work, just no kids at school. We left at 06:45 today and I got to work at 07:20. That’s 15 + 40 minutes less travelling time – let’s call it an hour between friends. In the words of OhMyHat, “Can you Adam and Eve it?!”

It’s just a tiny bit sad that what I now find cool about school holidays is that I can get to work on time…but I’m not going to focus on that. 😉


Ps! I forgot to tell you about this cute little thing Nicola did over the weekend. Cheeky, but cute. I laughed so hard I couldn’t even carry out my threat of warm bottom for what started it.

We were at my folks’ place and Nicola was busy climbing onto a coffee table. A coffee table that she knows full well she is not allowed to climb onto. I asked her to get off. She ignored me. I told her to get off again. She climbed off and on again. I told her to stop it and that I was done asking. She ignored me. I told her to get off at once and that if I had to come get her off myself she was going to get a smack on the bum. She ignored me…actually at this point she may have also said, “no, no, no!” to me and waving her finger at me for emphasis. So I got up to take her off and I made the mistake of saying, “I am counting to three…one…” and before I could say anything else she said, “Two…Three!” My mom and I looked at each other and packed up laughing.

I admitted defeat and settled on distracting her for something else instead (it seemed to work much better anyway).



  1. Sadly, I’m exactly the same – I love the no traffic (and I don’t even have a lot to start off with)

    PS D told me a similar story about how K put C in timeout yesterday morning! They are too funny!

  2. 😆 Marcia, that really is quite funny!

  3. Cute – but I do use the counting thing a lot!

  4. cat, I thought that was going to be one of my old faithfuls too but Nicola thinks it’s a counting game! 😆

  5. Teehee…

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