Monday Musings

3 October , 2011

You might want to grab some coffee…


Guess what kids. On a whim, Friday afternoon, I took Nicola for the dreaded MMR shot. There I was sitting at work, thinking that perhaps what this adventure needs is the element of surprise? Every time I plan it for a specific date she seems to get sick a day or two before and there goes my grand plan. Maybe it would also be better to do this on a Friday than a Monday, then at least she’ll have a day or two to get over the worst of it before she hits school again.

At 12:50 I phoned the clinic we usually go to for an appointment. No joy, the sister is only there on Mondays. I phoned the local Dischem to find out if their sister was there. Only until 14:00. Eeeep! (You know, it usually takes me about an hour to get out of the city and to Nicola’s school. I have to leave, get the clinic card at home, get Nicola at school and get to the Dischem in one hour. It was going to be tight. Bat out of hell, that’s all I’m saying. If I get any speeding fines, I totally deserve them.

We clocked in at 13:55 to a very disgruntled looking nurse. It doesn’t take 5 minutes to do the shot, and she kind of had her heart set on leaving at 14:00. Anyhoo, long story short – Nicola is one step closer to being up to date with her vaccinations. She didn’t even cry. I’m not sure she even felt the needle. I was holding her so tightly (didn’t want her to twitch and hurt herself while the nurse was injecting). I may or may not have shed a tiny tear myself. You actually have no idea how terrified I was of giving her this particular injection.

She’s had a slight temperature, nothing major though. And you can see she’s not completely feeling like herself, but for the most part she seems okay. The nurse did say that it could take up to 10 days for a reaction to show. We’re three down and 7 to go, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t get worse than it is right now. That would be all kinds of awesome.

On the topic of Dischem though, I do not foresee them becoming our regular baby shot place of choice. The nurse asked me if I wanted to pay in cash or claim from the medical aid, and since I’m pretty much sure our medical aid is exhausted for the year I said I’d pay cash. She put the claim though and made me pay cash. While I was paying for it at the till on the way out, I bought Nicola and I each a soft drink, and when the teller asked for my card the total was almost R100 more than I was expecting. I made them show me all the items, the teller had rung up some none existent batteries to go with the stuff I did actually have. Not impressed. Today I will let my medical aid know not to pay the pharmacy direct as I have already done it. It doesn’t feel like an accident when you get ripped off twice in one go. It feels like business as usual. I guess what I’m saying is, check your slips!

Saturday we went to go see Clayton for a chat on the big idea. I think it might need a code name for purposes of this blog…Mmmm…not ready to give up any details yet, so we’ll call it Project Clayton for now. Loads of potential there, loooooooads. I won’t keep you in the dark forever, don’t worry, but the crucial bits might take up to two months from here on.

Anyhoo, we obviously chatted quite a bit during the visit too, and one thing Clayton said to me, which was completely off topic but which kind of stuck with me anyway, was that he reckons I do not have any stupid friends, or that I even know any stupid people. Is this true? I don’t specifically rate people that way – why would I? However, I can’t actually think of anyone I consider a friend that is just downright daft. Am I an intellectual snob? If I am, is that something that I should be worried about as a character flaw? Sparrow has this theory that you are a reflection of your 10 closest friends, he calls it his version of “You are what you eat”. If that is true, then I consider myself to be in pretty good company. (None of this really matters, I just got stuck thinking about it quite a bit over the weekend).

The rest of Saturday and yesterday we spent with my folks. Even though Nicola clearly wasn’t feeling all that chipper she was extremely busy and animated all weekend. On Friday the teacher told me that I had to supply more cupcakes today for another bake sale (talk about short notice) and we were lucky enough that my mom was willing to make some (that way people can actually eat it too).

Nicola’s gone a bit off her food with not feeling well. The only way I get her to eat anything proper at the moment is by telling her please not to touch it or put it in her mouth or I’ll get very upset, cause it’s mine. It’s like waving a red flag at her! Hahahaha, I wonder how long that trick will work? The other thing she was doing this weekend was directing everyone else. She has very specific idea about who should be allowed to sit where. If you’re not in your Nicola-designated spot she’ll move you! She comes up to you and says, “Kom mamma, kom!” beckoning with her little hand that you should follow. If that doesn’t work she talks softly like it’s a secret and drags you by the hand to where she wants you. Then she tells you, “Sit. Sit nou.” While nodding her approval. Once you comply you might even get a very satisfied, “Daaaarsy!” out of her. And she also runs a little fitness and entertainment program. When she says “Handjies op die dak!” no one’s excused, not even Oupa who’s trying his level best to watch rugby.  

Another thing, I think I briefly touched on it last week but we went to go see the principal on Thursday about the potty training and about our teacher woes. Everything went fine, no complaints there…but I think the principal has now seen more of me than she ever intended, or that I ever intended showing her for that matter. Nicola, the pink terrorist, grew bored with our discussion and decided to entertain herself by unbuttoning my blouse. She moves like lightening, plus she has the added advantage that she doesn’t have one hand for of wriggling toddler to try and keep from falling too. I’m pretty sure I flashed the principal with about all I have to show at some point or another. To her credit, this can’t be the first time this has happened to her…she didn’t even blink, but somehow managed to have a complete conversation with me without looking at me or making it too awkwardly obvious that she wasn’t looking at me.  

And then lastly, (I do hope you had some coffee for this long ramble like I advised you), Nicola is blossoming into a real little dare devil. And she’s not afraid of heights either. Definitely my kid, as if there was any doubt. In the last two days I have had to yank her off a cooler box busy climbing the shelves of my parents pantry (filled with fragile things in glass!), off a pile of pointy loose rocks, and off the rocking horse’s shoulders while she was riding it like there was a race, while standing up, while trying to actually stand on its head doing the exact same, WHILE MOVING! This horse, Marie Biscuit, is quite a solidly constructed animal. Let’s just put it this way…it’s easier for two people to move it than one, not impossible to move by yourself, but ill advised if you have a back problem of any kind. Nicola rode that beast till the stand was lifting with every go. If I had to guess I’d say she’s not afraid of either speed or heights… Now, to harness that into something constructive that won’t necessarily lead to broken bones or extremely scuffed knees. If it doesn’t look too serious I force myself to let her take a tumble now and then. Only one way to learn about gravity, isn’t there?

She is however fairly terrified of thunder and lightning at the moment. That she doesn’t get from me, and I’m hoping it’s temporary. It’s going to be a long rainy season if it’s not. I’m just trying to explain to her that it’s just the weather, no need to worry. It never used to bug her, and I think she’ll get past it again. It’s probably like the two or three months that she totally freaked out about the sound of a flushing loo too, and she managed to shake that just fine. At the moment she’s really scared of the car wash, the vacuum cleaner and thunder storms. Poor little lamb…  

Ps! If you know me very well, you might have already concluded from the lenghth of this post that I am quite tired. When I’m exhausted, I often babble, or make inappropriate jokes, anyway – I am very tired. I thought I heard something last night so I sat up with my hockey stick ready to brain any would-be intruder till about 02:00. All the while Nicola was doing her best starfish impersonation and sleeping like a champ (she talks in her sleep like I do, and she often laughs too – so cute!). It was all my imagination and I feel a little stupid today for making such a fuss over nothing really.

Tonight will be an early night I hope. (I see take aways in our future for sure).



  1. I really hope she feels a lot better very soon and that the big idea bears lots of fruit.

  2. Thank you cat! 😀 Me too…

  3. Well, she sure conquered her fear of Marie Biscuit. Well done on getting that shot over with and out the way.

    Giggled for a good couple of minutes about you flashing the principal. Hehehe…

    Glad your big idea is coming along. Exciting times!

  4. I’m sure she’ll grow out of her current hangups too eventually. Yeah, the flashing was real funny. poor principal. I guess in her line of work she really does get to see everything.

  5. I am loving the idea that you have a little side project! Its so cool to have something new to sink your teeth into!

  6. Angel, when i can finally talk about this it is going to blow your socks off! 😉

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