List update – End of September

30 September , 2011

Time for another update on “the list” *insert dum-dum-dummmmm music*

201108072686 What I intend to do this year (in no particular order):

  1. Move to a 2 bedroom place
  2. Grow a veggie garden – everything planted 2/9, and now we wait 9/9 – Salad is up! 11/9 – Onion, Cucumber, Peas and Carrots are up! 13/9 – Squash is up! And I put some string up on my dowel framework for the creepers. 14/9 – Tomatoes up! 18/9 – Sweet peppers up. We now have a full compliment.
  3. Grow a herb garden – in keeping with the container garden situation I now have a pot of basil and a pot of thyme and a pot of chives too, still looking for oregano and rosemary and mint
  4. Sort out my bookshelf situation
  5. Get Nicola’s vaccinations up to date
  6. Organise a really awesome birthday party for Nicola – things have been booked, plans are being hatched and looking good
  7. Open a savings account for Nicola
  8. Begin…and finish reading at least 12 books – #1 The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD #2 Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson #3 Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Part 6 of 3, And Another Thing…by Eoin Colfer #4 The complete practical encyclopedia of Bonsai by Ken Norman #5 In progress
  9. Chuck everything unflattering out of my wardrobe – 3 bags down, no doubt more to come
  10. Maintain an actual hairstyle (possibly the one you see me sporting in this photo) – time to schedule a refresher cut
  11. Print some photos for our albums – I am toying with the idea of rather doing a photo book per year like cat does.
  12. Start writing poetry again – First one done 5/9, must build a bit of momentum on this one, 22/9 – Wrote another one but it’s not fit for showing (never write when you’re in a particularly foul mood, or write – but keep it to yourself)
  13. Lose another 5kg (hopefully around my non-existent middle) –1 down, 4 to go but it doesn’t seem to come from the middle like I hoped it would
  14. Find a job/career I love –I am plotting to take over the world, or a corner of it, by myself. Also I would love to write for a living, even if it’s a partial living and I have to substitute it with some sort of world corner domination on the side. 25/9 – A potential plan emerges, no more detail at this point, mum’s the word
  15. Stop smoking (again) – plan is to have this kicked by end of October, slowly starting that tomorrow…I’m a tiny bit nervous. The easiest I ever quit was when I found out I was pregnant. maybe I should don some maternity wear and pretend? 😉
  16. Have a beach holiday and relax
  17. Have at least 4 weekends away – first one scheduled for November
  18. Buy a tumble drier – done 20/8
  19. Go and see at least 2 movies in a cinema
  20. Take Nicola to go visit my grandmother in Thabazimbi – done 13/8
  21. Keep my car clean (inside and outside) – washed 8/9, my car looks terrible, but’s it’s tricky to get to it since Nicola gets very upset at the car wash. 30/9 – The car is filthy, this one is a fail for this month.
  22. Start teaching Nicola how to swim – we had our first swim of the season on 4/9. Nicola is feeling very comfortable in the water and is digging the kicking bit especially.
  23. Get Nicola potty trained – Have to do this together with the school to avoid confusion. Started at home on 16/9, had some initial setbacks with a rickety toilet seat, replaced the seat on 18/9, first successful pee in the loo – much applause and merry-making, started at school 19/9 even after great resistance put up by the teacher…so far a screaming success. 🙂 22/9-Kept Nicola at home because the teacher said she had a severe tummy bug…saw no sign or evidence of this at all. Even took her to the doctor and all he could find was a stuffy nose and a sore throat. I’m wearing my not-impressed face. If this doesn’t stop by next week teacher and I might be squaring off again about potty training. 26/7 – Teacher and I are not seeing eye to eye on this matter, yet. 27/9 – Different teacher looked after Nicola in the afternoon, it went great. 29/9 – The school have now started sticking stars on her for every time she goes in the loo successfully, she’s loving it. I think I will need to start a star/sticker chart at home too. Also spoke to the principal about my teacher niggles.
  24. Have a birthday party for myself
  25. Update my will
  26. Take or have taken more photos of Nicola and myself together – This is going very well so far
  27. Wear a dress now and then (at least on Spring day and Valentines day) – Spring day skirt wearing *check*
  28. Make homemade gifts for my very special people – I made a sun-jar for K for her birthday, I think it came out lovely and she seemed to like it, also I had fun doing it. I made it so special I’m not even sure if it’s possible to switch it off again. 😉 30/9 – I am starting to think about Christmas gifts now.
  29. Go to church more often (this will not be hard to do since we didn’t go when we were sick, and we were mostly sick) – 11/9 We tried the children’s church, it wasn’t a success. I’m thinking of moving to a different congregation where they have a more lively approach to toddlers and religion.
  30. Make some new MP3 disks for the car – I have started listening to the old discs I already have so long, some are good and some really do not gel with my current state of mind
  31. Random acts of kindness whenever I can – 6/9 I don’t pay for free parking, ever, but I gave a parking attendant at my local grocer R50 just for being friendly (even though he knows this about me), 16/9 – Had a special surprised delivered to a special friend (maybe not that random, but it felt good doing it anyway)
  32. At least one grand adventure!
  33. Put a serious dent in my debt
  34. Buy a couch – a couch has found me. Destiny…It is the purple couch of destiny! Since most of my indoor colour scheme is blue and green anyway, I’m probably one of the only people who can actually pull off a purple couch without too much drama. It is slightly bigger than I thought it would be, so I guess it’s the BIG purple couch of destiny? 🙂

I feel more or less on track with this business so far. 😉



  1. Awe, sounds like you are doing fantastically well! Yay, so glad to see you read the book I lent you, am def interested to hear what your thoughts were 🙂 And I totally agree with the photo book idea over print individual pics out. Ps. where are you off to in November ??

  2. philligirl, it was first on my list. I actually feel quite bad that it took me so long to get through it. There were some really interesting bits in there, it was a really good read. just the other day I was quoting bits of it to my mom. 😉 I am pretty much set on this photo book idea, now just need to find out what software to use and if it will run on my ancient laptop – then all systems go. We’re going to Nylstroom in November. My dad’s school is having a reunion and they’re bringing all the families too. I’ve seen the program and it actually looks really nice.

  3. Nou het jy my gemotiveer om slag my lys ook te update *SUG*

  4. that’s very impressive progress
    I’m doing an annual photobook too. started last year, and it’s so worthwhile

  5. Son, ek hou ‘n draft copy heelmaand lank. As ek als op een slag moet onthou sal ek nooit als onthou nie!

    Jenty, thank you. 😀 What software do you use for that? Is it tricky? How much does it cost more or less to have a book printed? I wonder if I can have discount if I have three copies printed of each book. One for me, one for Nicola one day and one for my folks.

  6. Wow..you’re really progressing on your list! I might have to start my own to see how i do…but the thought scares me a bit…putting stuff like that to paper kinda bounds you O_o

  7. You are doing awesome!


    I’ll be posting mine later this evening 🙂

    PS for Oct I have to do a book by 22nd as I bought a Groupon to get my A into gear 🙂

  8. Great list – and yes, I have to tell you that those photobooks works so well. Finished my latest one last night and just took it in today.

  9. Ruby, I believe that’s the idea… 😉

    Marcia, how much does a photo books cost generally? Or does it depend on the amount of pages?

    cat, I saw your post on it – I’m going to go download that software straight away. How many pages do you usually put in a book?

  10. With the number of Groupon and WiCount photobook deals, it’s definitely the way to go.

    I can supply you with oregano and mint. I have loads growing in my veggie patch and will happily pot some for you if you like.

  11. Tamara, that would be fantastic – thank you!

  12. You’re making some pretty awesome progress on this list here!

  13. I’m doing okay – but I’m going to have to make a fire under my own bottom if I want to finish them all.

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