Not pretty…Beautiful!

29 September , 2011


So after my gloomy post about the potty training yesterday there was an interesting turn of events. Nicola’s regular teacher had a half day off and the teacher who she will be moving to next year looked after her and the training the whole afternoon…without a f-ing pullup nappy. Not one single incident.

See, it’s not my imagination? She is ready.

I cannot wait for her to move over to the other teacher’s class. Can. Not. Wait.

Anyhoo, we had a fantastic sleep through night last night. So I’m feeling much more chipper today. And Nicola has learnt a new word. It is too cute to hear her say it. There’s usually a bit of a run up to it like, “Mamma! Kyk hierso! Sien jy?! Beautiful!” Hehehe, not mooi, not pretty, but beautiful – every bit of it said perfectly and intentionally. I think it’s adorable.

And what, you may ask, was so beautiful? A tree – just a regular old tree, that we drive by every single day (at least twice). And she’s right, it is beautiful. 🙂



  1. ❤ the shoes:)

  2. That really is too cute 🙂

    Hope the teacher/potty training issues finds some resolution soon Louisa – its not nice to be on different pages!

  3. I like them shoes!!!

  4. Ag sweet momma!

  5. Awww

  6. These are the first shoes I have found that she’s willing to wear that aren’t slippers. We call them Mini Mouse shoes – I suppose that helps? 😉

  7. I LOVE That about kids – how they find wonder in anything.

    Kendra is my words of affirmation girl – if I do a present for someone, she explains, “Mummy! PRETTY!” – I love it 🙂 (all my hard work is appreciated)

    And I told you I do love those shoes.

  8. 😆 If I do up a present for someone Nicola better not get her hands on it o it won’t end up being theirs! 😉

    It’s amazing to see her see things for the first time. Every little thing is something new and fantastic to her.

  9. They are totally Mini Mouse shoes!

  10. Tamara, that’s what I thought too! 😉

  11. Oh I just love how a child sees the world! We could seriously take a page out of their books in appreciating the beauty around us.

  12. It’s like seeing everything for the first time 😉

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