28 September , 2011

201109012969I am so so tired today. Nicola gave me a good workout last night. Every now and then she woke up moaning about a “Ouwie” but fell asleep again before managing to point out to me where it might be. I don’t fall asleep that quickly again. Ffeels like I haven’t slept at all. *yawn*

I do hope we’ll have a better night tonight.

Quick update on potty training: I am not seeing eye to eye with her teacher on this situation, at all. Every time it comes up for discussion there’s another story from her side on why it can’t happen the way I want it to. On the last occasion she just managed to catch me on a really bad upswing of PMS too. I didn’t even have to say anything…I just gave her the family f-you look and she withered like an origami swan in a hot shower. She even started stuttering and backing away from me.

You can’t see it, but I am wearing my not impressed face about the whole business.

Perhaps her suggestion on getting it done over the school holidays in December was actually not such a bad one after all. At least that way I wouldn’t have to constantly argue with her about how to do it. Grrr…I am at a loss as to what I should do about this really. I really don’t have much control over the situation during the day (I can prescribe all I want and they just carry on regardless anyway) and only a few hours in the evening to do it my way. We’ll get there eventually I guess, one way or another. Worst case scinario we’ll nip it in the bud over December.  

I think instead of working myself up into a stroke state about it, I’m going to just write it off as one of those things I have to accept (for now). Or maybe I’ll have a really good night’s rest and feel like tearing her a new ear again tomorrow? We’ll see. *shrug*

My estimate is that Nicola will probably move over to the next class by February next year in any event – and I suspect I will probably have a much more peaceful relationship with that particular teacher. (Keep your fingers crossed)



  1. Just relax about it! And the Princess did it over December – great outdoors weather is a win.

  2. Shame, Louisa. Hope you both get a good night’s sleep tonight!

  3. How can a teacher NOT want to potty train a Toddler? That is just ridiculous!
    I think that a meeting with the school Principal is in order. I really wouldn’t write it off, especially if I had no doubt that my child was ready.
    Good luck.xx

  4. cat, I would – if Nicola was the one who was having the problem, but it’s all the teacher. It was her half day off today so one of the other teachers looked after Nicola. She was off nappy all afternoon without incident.

    Tamara, thanks – me too!

    Julia, I think you’re right. I’m really fed up with this woman and her issues.

  5. So even taking it up with the principal makes no difference?

  6. It’s made a little bit of difference…we’ll get there eventually. *sigh* At the moment she’s actually doing better at school with this than at home, truth be told.

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