Are you ready?

23 September , 2011

Tomorrow is Slutwalk – don’t forget! If the weather is good Nicola and I will see you there. If the weather is terrible I will see you there!

Ps! I won’t be wearing either of these pairs of red shoes. I’ll be wearing comfy walking shoes for the event, but you do whatever you feel like. 😉

The first Jozi SlutWalk: (from the official site)

24 September 2011
10:30 – 15:00
Speeches at 11:00
Walk begins at 11:30
Beginning at Zoo Lake Country Club
Please note that parking is limited and will cost R10 per car – please try to carpool.
Accept the invite to the Facebook event to get notified as details are confirmed.

Download a copy of the route map.
Note: there will be a rest stop. If you feel you can’t walk the full route, email the organisers and we’ll let you know where to meet the group halfway.

I am soooo excited to be part of this!  😀

Hope to see you all there…



  1. I’ll be there!!

  2. so will i! 😉

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