Seen around

22 September , 2011

201109073092And so modest…

201109073093  I bet you this guy gets really terrible traffic all the time.

201109073094Me, sporting the goggles (when I actually remember to put them on) – after not such a brilliant night’s sleep. I packing some pretty good eye bags here I see.

201109143201  201109143202

Where’s my traffic?…Ah, there it is.

201109083101  The wisteria at Nicola’s school is in bloom again. It means she’s been there a year now, can you believe it? So funny that this plant flowers again in EXACTLY the same week as last year.

I must say I like them a lot more before I saw what they looked like the rest of the year…the school’s still good though. 😉



  1. Love the Wisteria. So pretty…

    I don’t ‘get’ personalised number plates. But FML is pretty funny. I wonder if the driver knows?

  2. Hahaha, would be funny if he didn’t! I don’t get them either, but I do find them entertaining. 😉

  3. Love the FML!

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