20 September , 2011

As you know it’s on my list to get Nicola started on swimming. I don’t expect her to do a perfect butterfly stroke by the end of the year, I just want to get her comfortable in the water and maybe teach her a few basic things that will keep her safe for now.

This is the beginning:

201109043061I don’t even like pink myself, but I have to admin – that is damn cute!

201109043063She loves it. Not so much the flotation devices though – but the water, she loves loves loves it.



  1. Awesome!!! My knucklehead was also a water baby!

  2. she looks too cute and really happy in the water.

  3. Ah the frills!!! I *die* CUTE!

  4. Love the cozzie. I’d be a water baby too if I had access to a nice warm pool like that! She looks super happy in the pic with your dad. They both do, actually.

  5. Angel, she goes through these phases where she either loves it or hates it. Loves it at the moment for which I am grateful since it’s almost summer.

    gaby, she sure does!

    Tara, hehehe… 😆

    Tamara, she’s going to be really surpised if she ever comes across a really cold one though. 😉 They are both having a good laugh in this photo and it shows.

  6. Aw she is too adorable!!!

  7. Thank you! 😀

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