The big reveal (of sorts)

19 September , 2011


So, you might remember that a while back we had to go through these psychometric tests at work? And you may have wondered why I haven’t told you about it yet? The reason is simple – I only had my feedback session today, so here goes:

Before I start off I should perhaps just point out how very relieved I am that I have always been honest with my manager, Steamcleaner, about my intentions here at the secret place, or my lack of long term intentions as the case may be – because otherwise this would have been a very awkward session for me. I suppose I could have fudged some of the responses if I had to, but it’s a personal motto of mine that I always tell the truth when asked directly for it.

The overall mission of the tests were to see how well you slotted into your current roll and then further to assess where you might have development areas that can be worked on. The psychometrist tells me that I hit all the marks set for me and exceeded 3 of the 4 quite nicely, so that’s always nice to hear. The competencies that they specifically looked at were: team player, customer champion, problem solving and process champion. I got exceeds in the first 3.

Potential development areas that they identified was that I need more opportunity to develop creative solutions, and that I may need to look at some sort of stress handling because it seems that I have a lot on my plate even if some of it is not necessarily at work. She also said that in the self assessment I underestimated myself quite severely. I rated myself as moderately creative with average problem solving skills and she would have given me a very high rating based on the simulation I did. She also said that I am currently more concerned with the here and now than long term plans, at most I worry about medium term situations, and that I should ask myself why that might be the case.

She point blank asked me if my current position bored me. It does. I said yes. Steamcleaner made notes. I bet this will bite me in the ass at some point. 😉

All this is a true reflection, I can’t argue with any of it. Those are the high level highlights of the feedback report. I’ll stick the more detailed stuff behind a more tag in case you are interested. Please feel free not not read it if you aren’t. 😉

Qualitative results:

Team Player:

  • She is an outgoing and supportive person and she identifies with the goals of the team
  • Louisa has many ideas and wants to share it but is cautious not to overstep boundaries of authority – however gets worked up and may become outspoken or follow her own approach without consultation
  • Driven by high sense of urgency and some nervous energy she wants to reach the goals without delay – may not always understand the complexity of issues but stays committed to work towards mutual solutions.
  • In the simulations she grasped team issues and displayed good insight in team dynamics

Customer Champion

  • She understands the importance of attending to customer needs and she wants to adhere to requirements
  • Louisa does not hesitate to establish contact and to determine the needs of customers. She describes herself as independent and confident to handle unexpected queries, pressures and various demands (also well displayed in simulation). Able to apply experience constructively in this regard and she thinks well on her feet.
  • Her interaction is outgoing but direct and may at times be less diplomatic
  • She values honesty and open communication with customers – committed and driven

Problem Solving

  • She exceeds the reasoning requirements. Louisa enjoys some routine but also welcomes variety in her thinking challenges – mentally alert
  • In the assessment simulations she anticipated several problems and suggested plans to cope with it – her focus is operational but she is able to determine the essence of the problem
  • She displays well developed business sense and is cost sensitive
  • Her ability to understand the possible impact of new solutions on other systems and processes was well demonstrated in the simulations. Good potential to develop more skills.
  • May tens to make quick decisions – very decisive and may become impulsive and missing some important detail when problems are more complex

Process Champion

  • Able to understand the flow of work and the different steps in the processes to be followed in her area of work
  • She is able to use her experience to identify possible problems and to suggest alternatives – willing to solve the immediate bottlenecks herself – willing to risk independently
  • Able to communicate her solutions with good arguments. Sensitive for priorities and will adopt work style to cope with changing circumstances
  • Gets easily stressed and it creates less sympathy and a high task focus – resulting at times in an abrupt style and impulsive decisions
  • Louisa displayed leadership skills and with training she can develop a more balanced style to guide people and to ensure efficiency without getting nervous. Her low trust of others and drive for results (anxiety at times) often triggers counter-productive leadership behaviour.

Suggested Development Areas

  • Coaching to handle internal frustration and stress – channelling energy to constructive use
  • Leadership training to understand the balance between task and people issues
  • Influencing skills to be more diplomatic when under pressure
  • She is a self-reliant person with good experience and potential to develop and refine her skills but she is frustrated at present – with guidance she can add more value to the team

And then there was the in-depth feedback of the self evaluation too which I didn’t get a copy of but which I made many notes about. The rating works from 1-10, 1 being almost nothing, 10 being a lot of that. The average is somewhere between 4 and 6 on most of them, so 7 is high, 8 and 9 is extremely high, 4 and below is fairly low. (you get the idea)

Interaction with others

  • Influence: Persuasion 7, controlling 7, outspoken 7, independently minded 10
  • Sociability: outgoing 8, something with an a that that i can’t read my own hand writing on 6, socially confident 8
  • Empathy: modest 5, democratic 5, caring 4
  • Overall: influential

Thinking Style

  • Analyse: Data rational 5, evaluate 6, behavioural 7
  • Creativity and change: conventional 5, conceptual 6, innovative 6, variety 7, adaptable 6
  • Structure: forward thinking 3, detail conscious 4, conscientious 4, rule follower 6
  • Overall: underestimated self

Feelings and Emotions

  • Relaxed 4, Worrying 6, tough minded 4, optimistic 6, trusting 2, emotionally controlled 5
  • Dynamism (is this even a real word? I think they’re making some of this shit up as they go along): vigorous 4, competitive 3, achieving 2, decisive 9
  • Overall: bored and frustrated with current role

Team Types

  • In my team I can play the role of either shaper, plant or resource investigator
  • My strong suits are that I am imaginative, I believe in fundamentals and I am good at networking

Reporting Style

  • I am self-reliant

Leadership Style

  • I have a consultative leadership style


  • She said that some of the areas where I scored myself a 5 or a 6, she would have scored me a 8 or a 9 based on the simulation. I represent myself at a much lower capacity than I actually possess.

So a couple of hard truths tucked in between all the rest, but overall a pretty good reflection of where I am I think. It is clear to me that I need to either find a more creative role here or leave, but I knew that already. 😉


  1. That’s pretty damn cool I think. So is there a position in the secret company somewhere that would suit you better? Something to keep you on your toes and relatively satisfied until you can do what you really want to do?

  2. Sometimes it’s good to get confirmation on these things we already know 😉

    My fave? independently minded: 10 (I could’ve told her that!)

  3. LOVE it – and I know this is all just for me 😉

    Is the a affiliation, adaptability?

    OHHHH you did Belbin! Love Belbin – I’m a shaper/ co-ordinator (bossy boots)

    I love the independent that’s a 10.

    Personally, I think this is fantastic feedback – my “definition for success” is when the feedback comes out true to what you are, not necessarily “good”. I love when they get that I’m stroppy and stubborn, it means I’m being authentic 🙂 (at least that’s my take on it)

    Thanks so much for this!!!

  4. Angel, not really. I can plod along where I am though until I find the opportunity to jump. I’d like that to be sooner than later.

    Tamara, hahaha, yes that one didn’t surprise me either. Most of our discussion was round interpretation of the results. Her biggest concern was that I make decisions quickly and I rarely change my mind after that. My reasoning is that if I’m making the right decision to begin with why would I want to reconsider, just to drive myself nuts? I hate it when people flip-flop and can’t make up their minds!

    Marcia, you’re welcome 😀 Adaptability, must be that – thanks! I am quite pleased with the feedback I got. It’s a true reflection of where I am at the moment and I think if you consider we wrote in 3 months ago when Nicola was very sick and I was very stressed it’s actually bloody brilliant.

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