Friday! And not a moment too soon…

16 September , 2011


You know how it feels when you’ve had a public holiday smack bang in the middle of your week? It doesn’t feel like a short week. It feels like two very long weeks sandwiching a very short weekend. That’s how I feel today. Last night was also the weirdest night of sleeping. I had every intention of doing a couple of things around the house after Nicola went to bed, but I accidentally passed out with her (maybe even slightly before her). I then woke up at about midnight because the wind was howling and dragging some sort of debris across the roof. I was a bit surprised at waking up, since that is usually more or less the time I only go to bed. I remembered that I promised feedback on a couple emails I received during the day, cranked up the 3G and got that done at least. Back to bed at about 1:00. At 3:00 Nicola woke up because she had kicked the blankets off herself and she was cold, she also wanted some milk – so got that done. Back to sleep at about 3:30 and up again at 5:00. It does not feel like three nights worth of sleep in case you were wondering, it feels like three short power naps. and it doesn’t feel like enough.

I’m so tired I could just have a nap right here under my desk…but I won’t (hopefully, can’t promise anything).

I hope you all have a super-fun weekend with lots of rest and relaxation packed in there. We’re starting potty training tonight. I am quite excited about that actually. I’ve updated in the comments of the previous post about the compromise I made with the teacher, but I’ll clue you in here as well: Nicola will not be having a milk bottle at school anymore from Monday (she only has one now before nap time anyway), but I will keep her on it until I think she’s ready to stop at home. I will not be sending pull-ups for school potty training, except for one a day that they can fit for naptime (+/- 2 hours in the afternoon), but I will send a gazillion panties and clean clothes and no shoes (the no shoes thing is their requirement, not mine).

Since we’re starting tonight already I should have a good idea if she really is ready by Monday morning, and if I see she’s not we’ll wait a bit more. If I still think she’s ready it’s all systems go from there on and I won’t have any more resistance from the teacher on the matter.

My dad built us a couple of sturdy steps for the loo, one for our house and one for theirs. Last night Nicola and I took crayons and stickers, and decorated the hell out of ours while I was telling her about what we’ll be using the steps for. It’s quite a work of art! We even did a dry run (nappy on) book reading on the loo in anticipation. She seems cool with the whole business and she loves the personalised step. We’ll probably personalise the other one at my folks’ place somewhere during the weekend too. Maybe we’ll go with water colours and stamps for that one?

Keep your fingers crossed that this goes well please…



  1. Watching and learning from you – I can’t believe you’re EXCITED 🙂

    or is it the money savings you’re excited about?

  2. Hahaha, it doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure! My main thing I’m excited about is seeing her reach another big milestone. Marcia, nothing quite like the facial expression she made this weekend when she did her first successful pee in the loo.

    She looked all surprised and bewildered, and then she looked at me and I had this big grin on my face and started cheering for her and everyone in the house joined in.

    She beamed! I want it to be like that for her every time she takes on something big for the first time. If I had let them start without me at school I would have missed that moment and possibly the only opportunity to have a positive influence on how she sees toilets in future.

  3. It certainly sounds like you’re going at it with a plan.

  4. Angel, whatever I think will make it easiest for her. I imagine it can be a bit traumatic at first.

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