Thank you Mom, and thank you Mangwanani!

14 September , 2011

My spa day with my mom yesterday was just amazing. Those lovely ladies at Mangwanani rubbed so much oil into me that I am still shiny today…glowing would be a fair description, or even glistening. 😉

The morning started off with a head and shoulder massage. They use sesame oil. My therapist’s name was Grace and she’s got magic hands – MAGIC I tell you! I felt like adopting her and taking her home with me. All this is done on the banks of the Hennops river, literally it’s running past you a couple of meters away…very relaxing.

Our next treatment was a leg and foot one. They start you off by scrubbing your legs and feet with a sugar and almond oil mix, then washing it in some or another rose gel and hot hot water, before giving it a proper massage. My feet may never have been happier. My therapist was Fene. She was very good, but she looked a bit serious for my liking.

Last treatment we had was a full body hot rock massage. I have no words. It’s my favourite treatment by far. My therapist was Amanda, and she has been rubbing people the right way for six years! And it shows…she’s awesome. I could have stayed there under those hot rocks for hours, it was just so soooo good.

We ended off the day with a delicious lunch. Kids, let me tell you that I know how to pack away a plate of food. No one has ever accused me of picking at my food. This food was really good, and I was really hungry when I got to it…I couldn’t finish it! (and I really tried)

Seriously, I felt like a million bucks after all that pampering. How could you not have a brilliant time being treated like this and getting to slop around in slippers, swimsuit and a fluffy white gown all day instead of sitting in traffic for hours and the normal office what-nots? 😀

So thank you Mom, for taking me with! And thank you Mangwanani for rocking my me-day!

Ps! (I did take a few photos – which I’ll post later)



  1. that sounds just heavenly!

    I love head massages – I think I need to check if the new therapist does them…

  2. Me too Marcia, the messier the better! 😆 I must say her shoulder work was the best though, felt like I had about 10 people’s hands on me at the same time…purrrrfect!

  3. Sounds amazing… I went there years ago, think it’s time I went again

  4. Jenty! Yes…you’re the busiest person I know and you deserve a little time out to get pampered. Do it! Book a spot today. 😀

  5. I love Mangwanani. My fave is also the hot stone massage. Last time I was there, my neck and head massage was ruined somewhat by the therapist sniffing (you know those really wet, snorty sniffs) REALLY loudly every minute or so. Glad that didn’t happen to you 😉

  6. Hahahaha, that’s terrible! My feet lady was sniffing, but not badly thank goodness. I get a little worked up about that because with Nicola who was so sick the whole winter through, and subsequently me too, I’ve turned into a bit of a germaphobe! I assume anyone who coughs near me has TB unless proven otherwise, you understand. I get this might be a tad irrational, so I try not to actually run to the nearest exit…but I watch them…like a hawk!

  7. I am SO jealous!

  8. Not to rub it in…but it was truly magnificent!

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