I sense a showdown in the making

14 September , 2011

I believe Nicola is ready for potty training, I’m not sure if I am, but we might as well go for it while the going is good, right? I actually think she’s been ready for a while now. According to this list, she has all the signs of being ready.

It’s not something I can just do on my own. I have to coordinate my efforts with the school so that we all work on it together. It would be very confusing, I imagine, to get potty trained at home and then stuck back into diapers at school. Even after my very first chat with the teacher I knew where this was headed. I do not believe potty training is one of her favourite parts of the job.

She was hmm-ing and hawing about it when I first mentioned it, and she said they start everyone together when it’s warmer. At the beginning of the month, again she said they start mid September.

And here we are now…she’s still not sold on the idea. Yesterday I actually had a bit of a wobble at her about the whole thing. Her first recommendation was that we wait till December when they have a school holiday, I train Nicola myself and send her back in January with the situation sorted. That suggestion did not fly particularly well with me.

Then she said they almost never train before 2. I asked the question whether it shouldn’t be based on the child’s readiness instead. *sound of crickets* One of the other teachers asked her how wet Nicola’s nappies were when they changed them now. She said quite wet. This is true, but since she actually has nowhere else for the pee to go but in the nappy, I’m not sure what else she was expecting. She wakes up dry now probably 4 out 5 mornings already. I am convinced that the time is right.

The next thing she waffled on about was that Nicola should be off the bottle completely first. Excuse me, but f_ck off quite frankly. That is the lamest argument I have ever heard. Whether she has 180ml in a bottle or from a cup the volume will be the same in the bladder. As it is, she only has one bottle during the day at school now anyway, so I agreed that we could stop that one, but that I had no intention of making her give them up at home until she was ready. I think this woman is missing the point. I do not want to dehydrate Nicola so that she never needs to wee again, I want her to wee in the toilet when she needs to. This is not a big thing.

I am telling you now that I will not let this go. The only thing that will make me change my mind and try later is if Nicola shows/tells me that she isn’t ready…not the teacher. This is the job sister, deal with it. (it would not be a good idea to keep p_ssing me off about this business).

We are starting on Monday…albeit some of us reluctantly.

(I might start on Friday night so that it’s not such a big surprise for Nicola)




  1. Dr S said the best time is 2 years and 3 months and if you start then, they’ll be trained by 3.

    Heck no! I told him I’d wait for 3 and have it take 3 days 🙂

  2. Marcia, 😆 I hear you. Rumour has it when I was a kid I trained in 3 days (at 15 months)…but I was a freak like that. 😉 I’m happy for Nicola to take her time getting it completely right, but i want to give her the opportunity to start if she is ready (which I believe she is).

  3. Hehe… I totally understand the teacher’s reluctance. And your insistence. But if it comes down to a battle of wills, I’m betting you win 😉

  4. Smart money would be on my Tamara, I’m fiesty 😉
    We had a quick chat about it again today, and it looks like she’s made peace with it that it’s really happening. We’ve agreed that I won’t send diapers or the afternoon bottle like I do now, but I’ll send one pull up a day for nap-time.

  5. You go Louisa! At the end of the day Nicola is YOUR child and if you think that she’s showing all the signs that she’s ready then do it:) You’re paying the school and this is part of your job:) I’m def on team Louisa:)

  6. Thanks Ruby! 😀
    I think all will be well now…everyone seems to have settled down about the whole matter, she’ll be starting on Monday if i still think she’s ready. We’re starting tonight at home, so I should have a good idea by then.

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  8. Good on you for making sure the teacher knows where you stand on this.

  9. I’m not really known for my tact or my willingness to be a pushover 😉

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