Teeny tiny update (with a small side order of guilt)

12 September , 2011

And after the gazillions of posts I bombarded you with yesterday you’re probably a little relieved? 😉

The plan was to take Nicola for her long overdue shot today after work (which would mark the magic two weeks of good health needed for it), but it doesn’t look like we’re going to hit that mark after all. (I know right? So close…dammit).

She had a fever over the weekend, nothing extreme in Nicola terms, between 39,5 and 37, and it came and went for a day and a half or so and hasn’t been back since. She’s not coughing but she does have quite a running nose (could be pollen I guess, at what age do they get the sinus issues?)…but I’m not taking any chances.

You know when your child seems fine, but you know they’re not? Well yesterday I could see that Nicola was not feeling fine at all. We had the family over as you remember and she was definitely not in the mood for people at all. Of course on a day like that everyone just wants to play with her, tease her and tickle her and she was not impressed. Not even a little bit. My uncle actually joked that it was the first time he’s ever heard her cry in almost two years. Her appetite was a bit off too and I literally had to trick her just to get some cereal in her, never mind proper food (which I just gave up on since she obviously wasn’t hungry), and when my uncle tried to take her hand when we said grace before lunch she tucked it in tightly between us and told him in no uncertain terms that it was HER hand and she did not feel like giving it to him. 😆

I was still in two minds about whether I should just take her and get it done anyway, but then I remembered what tomorrow is.

*ladies and gentlemen – drum roll please*

Yep...go ahead...you can hate me now!

I am going to Mangwanani Spa with my mom tomorrow for some serious pampering and relaxation. Yes pu-lease! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don’t know if I deserve it (probably not) but I definitely NEED it. And in light of that little revelation I have decided to wait one more week with the shot after all.

I feel a little bit selfish, but I really do not want to worry and stress about her not feeling well after an injection on my first proper me-day in ages, and the way in which I am really selling this to myself is that if I give it another week I will get a proper chance to see if she is coming down with something more serious or if it was just a one day thing that blew over.

Great! Win-win all round, or pretty close to it anyway, right? RIGHT?!

Oh yes…we also went to church again yesterday. I thought it might be more entertaining for Nicola to go to the kiddies church instead of listening to the sermon over the TV in the mother’s room. Seemed like a good idea in theory, but she was not happy about it at all. (I have to admit, I wasn’t blown away either).

As soon as we walked in, she grabbed me by my shirt and asked me very nicely , “Mamma…huis toe…bliefie.” Poor little lamb. I thought maybe she’d feel better about it if she just gave it a few minutes to get used to the idea, but when the bottom lip started trembling I took her outside to go run around in the garden for a bit before we went home (where she proceeded in picking quite a few flowers and handing them out to me and other people who came out for tea after the service…on a personal note, I don’t really know what good flowers are if you can’t pick them?) – I really don’t want it to become a traumatic experience for her. I think she just wasn’t having a super brilliant day and she really wasn’t in the mood to meet any strangers. (Also I think I need to go check out a few other congregations in the area to see if they have anything a bit more interactive for kids than ours do).

And then on the family indaba of yesterday…

It was a bit of a non-event after all that anticipation. My eldest uncle couldn’t make it since he had two kids in hospital on drips due to some sort of severe tummy bug, and in the end “the talk” that the whole event was arranged around never materialised.

However, since we don’t have any vegetarians in my family (we briefly had a cousin who turned until he realised that he wasn’t really fond of vegetables and he couldn’t live on peanut butter sandwiches either) we had a braai.

Nicola, my little sponge/parrot had us in stitches. I was standing talking with my brother and Karen when they were discussing what to have to drink. My brother said, “Ek dink ek gaan sommer ‘n ou Millertjie drink.” (as in the beer), to which I replied, “Gee vir my ook sommer ‘n ou Millertjie aan asseblief.”, then Nicola piped up with, “My Millertjies!”. And they most certainly were not! Mwahahaha!

I was also telling Marcia on Saturday about this other funny thing she does now, from time to time. When someone is busy waffling on about something she doesn’t find particularly interesting she says, “Anyway…” and changes the subject. It’s so funny to see her do that, and I have no idea where she gets it, because it’s not something that I think I ever do.

And then lastly… (sjoe! This update is turning out not to be so teeny tiny as I thought it might)

My vegetables are doing great. 😀 The salad was the first to pop out on Thursday (I was so proud you’d swear I did it), and when we got home last night the onions, peas, cucumber and carrots had also broken ground. Now we’re just waiting for the tomatoes, beans, squash and sweet peppers and then it’s all systems go!

I am so thrilled about it! 🙂

Ps! I will probably not be posting anything tomorrow. Hope you have a super day online without me anyway… 😉




  1. I still find that ANYWAY thing hugely cute!

    Yay to your garden and have a fun time tomorrow.

    *running to a meeting*

  2. I am sure that anyway is adorable! Lots of news but insanely jealous about the spa day – although I struggle to find anyone more deserving of this than you. Enjoy!

  3. Marcia, thank you – I WILL! 😀

    cat, it really is super cute. And thank you, that’s very sweet of you.

  4. Hi Louisa, hope that you have a wonderful day! i so wish i could come with you to the spa!!! luck fish..

  5. gaby, it was amazing…seriously pampered. I feel like a new person today. 🙂

  6. A spa day… super wow! I am so jealous!

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