Some of the lovely people from my computer

11 September , 2011

I’m quite a lucky girl…I’ve recently had the opportunity to meet not one, but two of the great people I’ve met online.

The first one was last week Sunday when Nicola and I missioned out to Pretoria to meet up with Tara for breakfast. We met up at Menlyn and when Nicola and I were looking for parking we saw all these shiny Harley’s . Who could resist that?!

Looked like they were having some sort of party, and they were just getting to the country music of the program I think. Nicola was bopping her head quite enthusiastically to “Sweet Home Alabama” during our walk through the “Fietsietjies” (little bicycles) as she calls them. 😉

201109043056 We had a lovely breakfast with Tara. Most of Nicola’s I ended up with on my lap as always. And can I just say Pretoria is HOT! It was 30’C when we left there, and spring has just properly kicked in. You poor people who stay there all through summer.

201109043057Hope you enjoyed your stay up in the big smoke as you call it. It was great to meet you! 🙂


The next visit we had was yesterday with Marcia and her gorgeous family at Bambanani in Melville.

We’d never been there before but I’ve heard the name thrown around on occasion so I was quite curious to see what it was all about. Luckily we went a bit early because parking is not always readily available in Melville. I have this theory that it was laid out when most people still travelled on horseback and as you know, they take up much less space than the average car.

I parked in what I thought was a parking area, and when we came out a restaurant had shot up around my car. I just managed to get out without anyone having to move their table out of the way…just barely. I’m not even kidding about this, by the way.

Anyway, back to Bambanani. Lovely place! I’ll definitely go back there again. And the food was great and not ridiculously expensive either.

201109103119What we saw when we came in…

201109103122   View from the table we sat at…

201109103124  201109103125

Nicola, having an absolute blast while we waited for Marcia to arrive.

201109103128And there they are! Marcia, husband D, and twins Connor and Kendra. I am suitable impressed that she manages to convince them to keep their hats on, never mind bibs when they eat. Nicola has never been in favour of either of those inventions.


201109103130We just couldn’t seem to get a photo with everyone’s eyes open, so here are all the attempts – you’ll have to use your imagination. 😉

201109103131 It was hot as hell to be honest. And we all started glowing more or less at some point and trying to drink our body wait in ice water.

201109083102 This particular bracelet made a swan dive through the deck never to be seen again. Pity…I quite liked it. Luckily it was all of R20, so I didn’t feel like taking the place apart for it. My sun now shines under Bambanani. 😉 obviously I will have to go and visit it again.

201109103139And that naughty Marcia brought a gift for us too. I really wasn’t expecting one. Thank you Marcia, it’s beautiful, we love it. 😀

201109103132  All the excitement really did a number on Nicola. She slept almost 3,5 hours when we got home.

We had a great time, thank you! And it was exactly as I imagined it would be. 🙂



  1. It was SO LOVELY to meet you too! And darling Nicola. Gosh, she’s adorable.

    I’m so glad it worked out, time and venue-wise and I think it may have been a good thing no one else was able to join as I still don’t think we’re finished talking about the job thing!

    My kids were FILTHY when we left, so they also had TONS of fun!

    BTW, I didn’t ever find my receipt – I think it was on the table and was cleared by the waiter – it was folded up – but they eventually let us go. I felt so scatterbrained/…………………..

  2. I must say, you picked the perfect venue! I’m so glad we got to see it…finding a properly kiddies friendly restaurant is so difficult.

    Your kids did not look filthy at all when I saw them. 😉

    I was wondering whatever happened with the receipt thing. If that had to happen to me I’d show them all 1600 photos on my phone of Nicola. That has to either mean that she’s mine or that I am a very dedicated stalker, right?

    When do we do this again? 😀

  3. It is such a great venue – Marcia is just great, really!

    And I do want to meet you again.

  4. cat, just say when… 😉

    I loved the venue! I’ll definitely be going there again in future.

  5. Looks like it was an awesome weekend

  6. It was ! 😀

  7. Louisa, I found the receipt in my bag last night. And I’ve kept it.

    It was in my business card section in my bag and yet I looked there…

  8. Hahaha, well at least you’ve got it now! I also sometimes look for things and then find then much later where I swear I had already looked before and couldn’t find them.

  9. I see you and Tara were at House of Coffees in Menlyn. Am I right? I have spent way too may hours there 😉

  10. well spotted – that is exactly where we were. 🙂

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