Seen Around

11 September , 2011


Now you know…

201108312955I think this one could have done with more warning signs. You can’t see it nicely on the photo but on the one side it says Driver side and the other Suicide. This guy drove like a real nutter, just parking any bloody where he felt like – even in the middle of an intersection. Also, he almost forced me off the road, twice!

My question is this: Who the hell takes driving lessons in the middle of the CBD?!

201109012967Spring…even in the city. Aaaah… perfect. 😀



  1. My driving instructor used to take me to Warwick Junction in peak hour traffic in Dbn’s CBD. And my parents wondered why I was terrified to drive for a year after I got my licence!

  2. That’s very mean! I remember that even after I got my license I almost drove on the sidewalks to avoid oncoming traffic (I learned most of my driving skills on farm roads where there is no oncoming traffic – it’s a big adjustment).

  3. “suicide”?!?! Seriously!??!?!

  4. 😆 I know, right?!

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