Karen’s Birthday

11 September , 2011

I’m a week behind with my photo posts again…

Last week we had a birthday braai for Karen at my parents’ place. It was a lot of fun! And wow, an unbelievable amount of kiddies running around too, almost all within a year of each other in age!

Nicola and I both had a lot of fun, and it looked like Karen was having a blast too. Success all round. 🙂

201109033001 201109033003

Nicola started the day out in this outfit…truthfully I knew we were going to do a wardrobe change somewhere along the line. 😉

201109033006 201109033008

Horsing around a bit and playing with Riaan until the guests arrive.

201109033010 201109033012

Wardrobe change one in the making. She’s a bit like Tigger in that she loves drinking water in strange places. If you put a saucer of milk on top of the very top shelf of books on a bookshelf, Tigger will want to drink that or die trying. Nicola would probably want to too.

201109033015But first we nap…

I bought this outfit for Nicola to wear to my cousin’s wedding, but it turned out to be just too cold. I’m letting her wear it now so that she’ll get some use out of it at least before she outgrows it.

201109033030  201109033026

Super-M and his parents, and Karen and Riaan.

201109033031 201109033040

Nicola with Arlene and Oupa.

201109033041 201109033044

My brother looks like he’s explaining the story about the one who got away (and he doesn’t even fish) to Karen’s brother, and Sunshine with baby Faye.

201109033036 Playing with the hose. This was crazy amounts of fun for me. Initially I was very well behaved and just sat at the tap making sure Nicola doesn’t accidentally drown one of the other kids…

Then I realised that I had a potentially awesome weapon here, and when she aimed the hose in the direction of two of my cousins I opened it up full taps! Mwahahahaha! They are very quick on their feet those two so I just missed them, but later when she aimed it in my brother’s direction I managed to hit someone (although not my brother). Poor Shirley, soaked!

I knew I was being naughty but I had so much fun doing that. 😆

201109033043 201109033047

After what felt like forever someone managed to get something edible off the braai at last. We were so hungry!

Pieter and Super-M offered Nicola some of their ribs and if there is one thing Nicola loves it’s ribs! If you thought that was dirtiest and stickiest she was going to get you were wrong though…

201109033048 Nicola and Liam discovered that the pool cover was ridiculous amounts of fun too!

Only thing is that it gives off that lovely blue colour and the both ended up looking like smurfs! Oh well, nothing a bit of vanish can’t sort out (on the clothes that is, on the kid I used a microfiber car wash cloth and that blue came right off). 😉

201109033052 201109033053

What an awesome-awesome day! 😀



  1. Looks like loads of fun!

  2. The most gorgeous little smurf, ever.

    Love the outfit too. And I wouldn’t hve missed that opportunity with the hose either.

    Now I think I have actually caught up on all the posts. Yay me.

  3. 😆 I think she’s the cutest smurf too! You know if I thought about it at the time I might not have aimed the hose at the people with all the expensive gadgets, but it never occurred to me – I just had enormous amounts of fun.

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