Bad kitty!

9 September , 2011

201108272919 Tigger, after putting up a valiant sulk for almost two years, seems to be warming up to Nicola somewhat. She’ll come out and either stalk Nicola when we’re outside, or let Nicola stalk her, and even allows the occasional rub or tickle.

Nicola, loves Tigger! And has fat chats to her at every opportunity she gets. Just the other day she was talking to Tigger, showing her all the flowers in Oupa’s garden and cautioning her NOT to pick them…because you know how some cats are. 😆

Next thing she’ll be telling her to leave the remotes alone too?



  1. Too much cute in one pic!

    Wait till she figues out she can start blaming things on Tigger. I remember how my granddad (seriously) convinced me that it was my cat, not him, that ate my sweets.

  2. I don’t think it will take too long for her to get to that point…poor cat. 😆

  3. Oh you know how cats are with remote controls!

  4. They’re very sneaky beasts 😉

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