Cobwebs off…

8 September , 2011

201108222884 Neither Nicola, nor I can properly play the guitar. I’ve made peace with the fact that my fingers just aren’t nible enough to make it happen – but it’s still nice to have the guitar lying around the house. The way Nicola plays it it’s almost like a cello! 😉

On to cobwebs…

I had a chat to Sparrow the other day and he asked me an interesting question. He said, “Why are you not running your own company yet? you’re not stupid or lazy.” And he really got me thinking with that.

As you know I have on my list of things to do, to find a job/career I love in the next year, and I haven’t been thinking properly about this (or applying myself to it if you want). I’ve been focusing on things that will get me writing for a living, because that is something that I love…and I still think that would be all kinds of awesome, but it’s not the only thing I love and there are many other things that I can do and am good at. some of them that I could even start doing part-time till they take off properly and then go for it.

Interesting thought…

We also discussed some of the ideas I have, and ideas I’ve had in the past and I’ve realised, I’m f-ing brilliant at landing on my feet and at making money out of not much at all. Why am I not doing that?! *gives self a mental slap* It’s the comfort zone thing I think. I’m not mad about my job, but I’m okay at it and it pays the bills and I get it on exactly the same time each month. But really, I could do so much better if I just take a leap and trust myself.

I am going to be doing that, just so you know. Even if I start it off in baby steps, I am positive that there are some really great things on the horison for me, and now is not the time for holding back anymore. This makes me a tiny bit scared and a massive bit excited! 😀

That’s a special kind of happy right there.

In other news…

My family is having a rough week. I can’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say we need to pull together in a big way, and we’re going to be doing just that. There’s a big family koukus (sp?) happening on Sunday. Let’s hope and pray for some good results, the last time we had one some people ended up not talking to each other for years. (We’re more known for our passionate natures than our tact, and there are many of us, all loud and creative).

Three posts in one day?! Someone give me coffee so I can shut up for a bit… 😉



  1. Hope you can all work through the rough stuff.

  2. Me too…luckily this time it’s not exactly my personal drama, more a big looming family situation. In any event, it’s uncomfortable, but it has to be done.

  3. Hope the family stuff works itself out.
    Love the idea of your business 🙂

  4. I know that feeling all too well:) Went through exactly that earlier this year when i started toying with the idea of running my own company and then just taking the leap:) I think fortunately for me I was forced to make a quick and gigantic leap (no baby steps) otherwise I might never have done it. And I promise you….while you work yourself half to death it is soooooo worth it:) It is rewarding and there is all kinds of excitement in being your own boss:) You go!

    *big hugs* for the family stuffs. I’ll be hoping it all works out brilliantly!

  5. Jenty, I hope it works out too…and that no one’s feelings get overly hurt in the process. Thanks, I’m actually pretty excited about the whole thing. 🙂

    Ruby, you know me…I once moved to CT for a year on a whip. Baby steps are not usually my style and if it was just me I’d be leaping all over the place, but I have commitments and I need to make sure that I can provide for Nicola first of all. so this time round I’ll start it off part time untill it’s big enough to make a go of it full time. Thanks on the family thing hug too.

  6. All the best with the family caucus. Hope it turns out better than expected.

    And yay for new exciting work ideas! I did it in baby steps and (aside from the tax and admin stuff) I love it. I would never go back. Awesome that you’re starting to think about it seriously.

    And I can’t get my fingers around a guitar fret (small hands), so I reckon playing it like a cello is a pretty good idea. Smart kid, your Nicola.

  7. Thank you…me too.

    There are a lot of great opportunities out there if you’re just willing to grab it. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before to try it on a more serious basis. it’s like a heavy fog has just been lifted in front of me.

    She’s without a doubt the cleverest kid i know. 😉 (and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mother)

  8. We will have to talk about your job tomorrow – I can’t wait!

  9. We had such a great time Marcia, it was lovely to finally meet you and your family. 😀

  10. Strongs for whatever your family is going through.
    I often wished I could do something I loved rather than be an employee, but I had to have that steady income. I was too afraid to risk mine and the knucklehead’s stability.

  11. The plan is to grow something on the side until it’s ready for me to jump full time. I need the stability too – but I can’t carry on like this indefinitely, it’s actually making me crazy from frustration.

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