Liam’s party!

4 September , 2011

201108282928This is what Nicola was going to wear, but we ended up having to make a sudden wardrobe change minutes before take off because she accidentally tipped a cup of tea all over herself.

201108282934Enjoying the “jumpy-jump” with our other pal, Super-M! 🙂

201108282936And here is mommy, Sunshine, with Liam’s brand new baby sister Faye – one serious looking young lady.

201108282937And of course the birthday boy!

201108282938Super-M, quite pleased to have shaken the hat. Now where’s that cake?

201108282939      The lovely (and tasty) Pirate Cake, complete with palm tree and X.

201108282941Nicola even had some, and she’s usually more of a cake destroyer than an eater. 😉

The kids had a blast, got hopped up on sugar and celebrated with gusto!



  1. A miniature jumping castle!

  2. I like the “jumpy-jump” and she looked really cute in both outfits 🙂

  3. Angel, she loved it! 😀

    gaby, aaw thanks! 🙂

  4. I also want to go on a jumpy jump *pouts*

  5. You and me both lady! 😆

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