Mmm…I don’t think I actually disapprove

29 August , 2011

On Friday my mom picked Nicola up from school for me, and the teacher told her that Nicola had bitten one of the other kids. Apparently the other little girl was pulling her hair and trying to take her hair band and Nicola bit her on the arm in protest.

I can’t say I’m overly unhappy about this at all. I am actually a little bit thrilled to know that she has it in her to defend herself, and that she won’t let herself be pushed around and bullied (I actually didn’t doubt that she had it in her at all – she’s my kid after all). Obviously we’ll work on doing confrontation skills with words instead of teeth, in time. 😉

If Nicola was the bully or the one who attacked first I would obviously not be as thrilled…

The teacher is not nearly as thrilled as I am of course, because she had to send a kid home for the weekend with a set of teeth marks on her arm (apparently when Nicola bites she doesn’t nibble). This is probably terrible of me, but I’m actually having a bit of a snicker in my sleeve about this (I’m not proud of that – but I still think it’s funny). 😆

Anyhoo, the teacher wants to see me about this – so we’ll see how that goes this afternoon. I’m definitely not teaching my daughter to roll over and play dead when someone else hurts her, so I really hope she doesn’t even begin to suggest that (that would not end well).


  1. LOL, you go girl! Before I started home schooling J was also bullied and pushed around. When I complained I was told “kids will be kids and after all he wasn’t hurt”. So when he decked 3 (yes THREE) boys who were bullying him and they told me, I literally laughed out loud, swept him up in my arms and told him well done. You see I have a very placid child and I was thrilled that he had finally stood up for himself. Your child cannot be blamed for defending herself. It will stand up in court as self defence 😀

  2. Oh I agree – although biting is not the correct answer, there has to be an answer. And I can tell you that most kids bite at some stage.

  3. It’s good to know she can stand up for herself but the biting is not good, even though it’s funny. You should see one of mine biting the other – oh my soul I hate it 🙂 We ignore the perpetrator after saying “no, no biting” and lavish lots of attention on the victim!

  4. LOL at the photo you found for the post 🙂
    Love that she defended herself

  5. Sharon, I had the talk with the teacher yesterday. We are agreeing to disagree on this point. she doesn’t reckon it’s self defence when hair is being pulled, she calls it frustration. Now all of a sudden she claims Nicola has bitten other kids before too – I told her I find it very convenient that this is the firsty I’ve heard of it. If it’s not in the book, it never happened. Anyhoo, matter has been resolved and so on.

    cat, I know they all go through it at some stage…some more than once. 😉

    Marcia, 😆 I bet that gets great results!

    Jenty, I thought it was appropriate, hehehehe… 😀

  6. My knucklehead got bitten in the face once! He had a perfect set of circular tooth marks on the apple of his cheek- even his eye went blue!

  7. Yikes Angel! That must have hurt like hell.

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