Visiting my gran in Thabazimbi (Leeupoort)

21 August , 2011

201108132749 201108132747

We had a rough night before if you’re wondering why we look so tired. We drove through to Leeupoort with my folks in their 4×4, the road is just too crap in certain parts for us to tackle it alone in the Tazz, but hey – who doesn’t love a good road trip?

201108132754Leeupoort is like a residential area inside of a private game farm type of set-up. Proper houses, dirt roads and loads of wild animals roaming around in between. Let me explain this way: if you live in JHB you might wake up to find pigeons on your lawn, or hadidas…if you live in CT you might wake up to seagulls…in Leeupoort you wake up to Hornbills, Catlagters and Pheasant, or sometimes baboons.

Nicola was loving every second of this. She was running around exploring everything, literally turning over every rock she found (making me tag along for the ride of course just in case she found one with a scorpion under it!).

201108132756  201108132757

My mom brought out this water to clean up where Nicola had painted the stoep with a shiny pink cupcake, but she might as well have built a pool and a water fountain! 🙂

201108132760 201108132761

Then she started handing our rocks! Not sure how she decided who had to get what, my gran ended up with a lap full of boulders and I got this… 😉

201108132762Remember how I told you that she calls my gran Joey a while back? 😆 Well, now she calls her Ouma-Joey and on occason Cheeky-bum! Mwahahahaha! I bet that’s the first time that any of my gran’s great-grandchildren ever called her that! Not sure where she gets that from, probably school, because it’s not something that I ever say.

201108132768It’s a lot warmer in Leeupoort – up to 7 degrees warmer. I think at some parts in the day we actually hit close to 30’C there this time round.

201108132777 The zebras came round for a visit. They really wanted a nibble of Nicola’s cupcake. They’re so tame they actually let my dad touch them.

201108142788And here’s Pumba – although Nicola tells me his name is actually fatty. 😉

201108132781I think I’ve figured out where Nicola gets her love of rocks too. My gran’s whole garden is full of rose quarts lights that she built. You can’t really see it properly from this photo, but they shine a sort of warm pink when they’re on.

201108142798    201108142801

In the morning it was time for one last stroll down the road with Oupa, and then back in the car for the trip back home. We planned it to fall more or less in with nap-time for the most peaceful journey if possible.

201108142808That only worked until someone needed to stop for a bathroom break. Someone woke up very cranky and then stole my ice cream!

201108142809  But it looks like it’s not being in the car that upsets her, just being a passenger. After all this, she wouldn’t get out once she got a chance to sit behind the wheel for a bit. 😉

We had loads of fun and we’ll definitely be doing this again soon…


  1. Too cute, little crankypants 🙂

    I love how she steals your ice-cream.

    Okay, about Sept 10th, do you mind if we make it a blog meet-up? Not a big thing but just ask if anyone else wants to picnic with us? Did we say we were going to the botanical gardens?

  2. ps email me – I don’t check back in comments 🙂

  3. Hi there, It looks like you all had a wonderful time and the place look beautiful. Glad to hear that you are doing better and that the meds are working. Just can’t wait for summer to be here

  4. Marcia, I’d love it too if she actually ate all of it instead of just insisting on holding it till it melted. 😉 I sent you a mail on the picnic this morning.

    gaby, me neither. I love spring and I am very much over winter. The place is beautiful where my gran stays, and it’s quite peaceful too.

  5. Does look like an excellent visit. Love those zebras.

  6. cat, they were so beautiful and I loved how close we could get to them.

  7. I also prefer being behind the wheel on a roadtrip… 😛

  8. 😆 Me too…can’t really fault her on that.

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