Halloooo Freddy!

16 August , 2011

My dear friend Freddy came over for a visit (at last) from Japan, and we got to see him while he was here. 🙂

The event was a big, mostly family event in Springs. For the record, this was the first time that I’ve aimed my GPS in that direction – the roads going there are quite frankly shocking!

We had a great time and everyone was really really friendly. Freddy’s family is from Mauritius and almost everyone speaks French. I guess we got mistaken for family too 😉 because a lot of people spoke French at me. Hahahaha! I am happy to say that I still remember enough from all those basic courses to get the gist of what was said.

201108062672Nicola really enjoyed the kids table. All her favourites on there: cheese curls, lollipops and jelly babies. She did her best to eat it all! 😆

201108062673  Oom Freddy and me. 🙂

201108062674 That badge says 30. We didn’t get the memo that it was a surprise belated 30th! He doesn’t look like a dirty old man yet, does he? 😉

201108062675A said he was going to put a hat with a little flower on…I think he would have been able to pull that off.

201108062676  Freddy brought Nicola a whole bunch of cool things, amongst others these little panda bears. Now we can watch Kung Fu Panda with some company.

Thanks a lot for a fun day and a great catch up. Travel safely, and come back soon!



  1. I still cannot get over the fact that this was the first time I have had a chance to see Nicola since you gave birth to her. Crazy how quickly time flies.

    Regardless, you are looking good. Motherhood most certainly suits you 🙂

  2. Thank you Hans. 🙂

    I’m sorry we had to leave early, I didn’t even get to properly talk to you – and like you said it’s been years!

    (on my way out I did also see that I just managed to miss your mom’s famous chocolate cake – if I didn’t really really have to go I would have turned around right then and there and waited for it).

  3. I have never been to Springs!

  4. Some parts are pretty cool, some parts are not too bad and some are really terrible – the roads going to any of them are downright shocking.

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