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12 August , 2011

Just some random bits and bobs, you know how this goes by now…

201108022631 201108032635

Remember I told you the local coffee shop writes little words in your foam? Well, this (right hand side) is what happens when you leave the table before ordering and let your colleagues loose on the waiter while they wait for you to come back. On the left hand side you’ll see all the extra cookies they brought me because I complained that they never write anything nice in my cream. 😉


This registration plate reminder me of Steamcleaner. It’s a word she says often and it even has her home country’s little flag on it. She had a laugh when I showed her. 201108052654 Saw this key-ring and I just HAD to have it…for my office keys of course. The poor young man I had been nagging to death for a deliverable last week laughed and nodded his head when he saw it. 😉



  1. Love that key ring. How cool is that cuppa, I want one:)

  2. You see the coolest things – I need to start paying more attention!

  3. Fairy Girl, hehehe – the key ring totally spoke to me. i just had to have it.

    Laura, it’s actually quite amazing what you get to see along the way. I have a bit of a thing for number plates as you can see. 😉

  4. I would be mad if they wrote YOU SUCK in my foam… just sayin ^^

  5. Me too…but I wouldn’t leave everyone hanging while I have a conversation. 😉 It was done in good spirit really, I’ll let them write something cool in his foam this week if he behaves.

  6. HAHAHA, I thought the foam message might be appropriate if one doesn’t tip.

  7. Don’t believe! Good to hear from you from life after blogging land. 😀 I agree, if I was a waiter I would find that completely appropriate.

  8. 😀 😀 😀 at the coffee!!!

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