Turning point

11 August , 2011

This is still another catch up photo-post, but at least it has better news in it than some of the previous ones. This is more or less where Nicola started feeling better, poor lamb. I could have done cartwheels (if I could actually do them) when she started eating again. 😀

201108012629Momentous occasion when Nicola started eating again after refusing food for 4 days! 😀

201108022632That’s more like it! I got her a ginger bread man from the local grocer – she just played with it and called it Tannie Koekie. But at least you could tell she was feeling a lot better.

201108032640  Isn’t this just the cutest? Love this little girl to bits. 🙂

In other excellent news, we had a really amazing night’s sleep last night. Nicola dozed off just before 20:00 and slept more or less peacefully and through until 06:30 this morning. she looked like she might have slept till 09:00 if given a proper chance but unfortunately it’s off to the salt mines with us on a Thursday. I didn’t fall straight into bed when she did though. I had a bit of work to wrap up first, and then I treated myself to a glass of wine and a couple of episodes of Grey’s. All good…

Oh yes, and I heard just a tiny bit of feedback yesterday about the recent bouts of psycometric testing we had to go through a couple of weeks ago. Nothing official yet because Steamcleaner doesn’t have all the results yet, but apparently I am still a genius – yay!  😉 (don’t look so surprised). I’m actually looking forward to getting the proper feedback, now that I know I didn’t suck at it, Mwahahahaha!

Oh yes, and the best news of all. Everything is blooming…it’s not so cold anymore…don’t look now, but I believe Spring is about to pounce, and I for one could not be happier! 😀 It’s my most favourite season of them all.



  1. of course you’re still a genius! I can’t wait to hear the full deal 🙂

    happiness definitely is when your children eat again!

  2. Marcia, for a bit there I was worried. I had a full blown case of mush-brain when I was pregnant, and after (possibly due to general sleep deprivation?) I had a suspicion that Nicola might have inherited the brain before I was completely done with it. It was actually pretty nice to get the old thinking hat on for a change. 😉

    And yes, when Nicola is happy, I’m happy.

  3. My first sentence was exactly Marcia’s – I swear. But yes, you go girl.

    And so glad she is better. I am feeling all warm and Spring like today

  4. cat, thank you! 😀 I love love love this warmer weather…I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that it’s spring.

  5. Glad to hear things are looking up.

  6. Thank you – me too!

  7. Aw I love that last photo! So glad she’s feeling better!

  8. Thank you Angel, me too…

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