10 August , 2011

I am so irritated, I could punch myself in the face. that’s pretty extreme – even for me.

We had no sleep last night, Nicola just didn’t feel like it. I swear if she does that to me again tonight I am sleeping on the floor and leaving her to do whatever she feels like. This morning at 06:00 of course she feels happy to nod off, so we had big fat tears when I dropped her off at school an hour later. We’re out of leave, duvet day is just not an option no matter how much I’d like to. (And I would have like very much, because she was all huggs and kisses and sunshine this morning trying to get me to stay – it’s very hard to drop her off when she’s like that).

Hopefully they’ll tire her out good and proper there today so that we can have a peaceful night tonight? 😉

At the office things are not looking much peachier either. Came in to some ridiculous mails and ridiculous missing mails alike. Could be that I am just too cranky to man-up to this today? If I make it through today without someone getting a hot ear I’d be very surprised.

I see vast amounts of rescue remedy in my future. Vast. 

Anyhoo… *breathe in*  *breathe out*…and once more, with FEELING!

Here are some photos from last week again:  

201107312613 Cutest twinkle toes in the world. 🙂

201107312616Even when she’s not feeling well she always has a little smile for me.

201107312617Here she still didn’t want to eat, but she was happy to force feed Ouma! 😆

Hope you are all having a better Monday/Wednesday than I am.



  1. Oh I feel for you – you know I really do know how you feel. I try and lay low at work on days like this.

  2. I am actually having a lovely day. But I think I’m in denial about my website that has now been hacked 3 times in the last month. Charming!

    I’m being very Zen about it aka I’m so tired of fighting I’m resigned. What’s that about the 5 stages of grief? I think I’m at acceptance.

    Yes, CUTE toes!!!

  3. cat, me too – but there was absolutely no chance of that today. I feel rather spent now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that my little pink terrorist is as knackered as I am.

    Marcia, hahaha – isn’t that one of the last stages? If memory serves it goes something along the lines of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Is your rent-an-expert not sorting this out for you. I could recommend a new one if you like? The toes are extremely cute, and lucky me – she tells me they’re mine. 😀

  4. Oy, sorry about the work issues, thats never lekker.

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