My 33 to 34 list

8 August , 2011

Just in case you were wondering I actually had this nailed down yesterday already – but this is the first chance I’ve had to post it. If you are wondering about this picture, it was taken at the botanical gardens. Every time I told Nicola to smell the flowers she licked them! So I joined in the fun…they taste about the same as they smell really, like dust, pollen and sunshine – so it’s not such a crazy idea. 😉

201108072686 What I intend to do this year (in no particular order):

  1. Move to a 2 bedroom place
  2. Grow a veggie garden
  3. Grow a herb garden
  4. Sort out my bookshelf situation
  5. Get Nicola’s vaccinations up to date
  6. Organise a really awesome birthday party for Nicola
  7. Open a savings account for Nicola
  8. Begin…and finish reading at least 12 books
  9. Chuck everything unflattering out of my wardrobe
  10. Maintain an actual hairstyle (possible the one you see me sporting in this photo)
  11. Print some photos for our albums
  12. Start writing poetry again
  13. Lose another 5kg (hopefully around my non-existent middle)
  14. Find a job/career I love
  15. Stop smoking (again)
  16. Have a beach holiday and relax
  17. Have at least 4 weekends away
  18. Buy a tumble drier
  19. Go and see at least 2 movies in a cinema
  20. Take Nicola to go visit my grandmother in Thabazimbi
  21. Keep my car clean (inside and outside)
  22. Start teaching Nicola how to swim
  23. Get Nicola potty trained
  24. Have a birthday party for myself
  25. Update my will
  26. Take or have taken more photos of Nicola and myself together
  27. Wear a dress now and then (at least on Spring day and Valentines day)
  28. Make homemade gifts for my very special people
  29. Go to church more often (this will not be hard to do since we didn’t go when we were sick, and we were mostly sick)
  30. Make some new MP3 disks for the car
  31. Random acts of kindness whenever I can (thanks for the inspiration Marcia)
  32. At least one grand adventure!
  33. Put a serious dent in my debt
  34. Buy a couch

And there you have it. There will of course be updates and progress reports on this from time to time. Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes – I had a great day and I felt very loved. 😀



  1. Very cute hairstyle!

    Fantastic list!

    You’ve got some nice stretch goals in there too as well as easier ones.

    Do you know today I had a revelation while doing my photos that I only print the professional ones, not the ones we take of the kids.

    I was too late to remedy that in time for my jaunt to the mall but I”m going to start collecting MY photos in a “to print” folder.

    PS I’m really intrigued by the job thing. Can’t wait to hear more.

    (thank the Lord – I accidentally clicked somewhere else on your blog and held my breath but yay, my comment is still here)

  2. Hahaha, you can click anywhere and I’ll still find it Marcia. 😉 I’ve been shocking with printing of photos – only about 2 years behind really. Most of the things on this list I kind of have to do anyway, but it’s nice to put it all on a almost tidy to-do list.

    It’s going to a lot of fun ticking these suckers off one by one! 🙂

  3. .lol I’m pretty sure that’s how they stated! Cute though 🙂 Just a mom would do that.

  4. Melany 😉 well, it’s not something I would have done otherwise – but I’m always up for an adventure.


    #21 would kick my butt, in fact I defy any mother to keep their car free from 100kgs of crumbs and other misc crap.

  6. Thank you Rebecca! 🙂
    Keeping my car clean has never really been my thing – but I want to give it a shot. Could be fun for a change? Actually, I took it for its very first list inspired car wash yesterday…I took Nicola with, cause I thought she might enjoy it. She did not. Hysterical does not begin to cover the reaction she had.

  7. My car is clean – it is always spotless inside – I’m a bit obsessive so I clean out after every trip…..

  8. Marcia, I have never been able to do that – ever!

  9. What an awesome list! My car is so dirty… and I need to lose weight…

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