Friday! Woot!

5 August , 2011

This has been a loooong week…for me at least. And I didn’t even go to the office on Monday.

I’m still trying to nail down the last few items on the 34 list I plan to publish on Monday. I’m about 10 items short, so if you have any suggestions now would be a good time to let rip. 😉 For those of you not sure what the hell I’m on about, going “Huh?” let me explain: As I understand it the idea is to come up with a list with items you plan to complete before your next birthday. This year I’m turning 33, so my list should have 34 items on. Some of the guys in my newsgroup pointed out that by 75 I might need some help getting everything done unless most of it had to do with brushing my teeth.

Photos from last week:

201107262574 My eager little helper. Is this not just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? When she’s a sulky teenager, I am definitely going to remind her of this.

201107262577Of course what would a week be without a snooze photo?

201107282582  I love how cute she looks when I wrap her up in a fluffy towel after bath time. Unfortunately here you can already see that she’s not feeling all that well.



  1. Ja nee! TGIF!

  2. Can’t wait to see you list.

  3. She is too cute Louisa 🙂

  4. cat, 😀

    Tamara, still short of those 10 things – this is a sign that I’m actually still 23 at heart maybe? 😉

    Laura, thank you!

  5. I love that she says skattebol – I would MELT.

    And yes, less yada yada all round in corporate would be good. 🙂

  6. okay just realised I posted previous comment on wrong post :)(

    actually it’s the number of items for the current birthday. So if you’re 33 on Mon, then your list will have 33.

    did anything on my 36 or 37 things lists ring a bell for you? 🙂

  7. Marcia, I loved reading you rlist – just as organised as you. 😉 Some of it did give me ideas – I’ll have mine up a bit later.

  8. Happy Birthday. I did my 33 list last month. Here’s the link if you want some ideas:


  9. Julia, thank you! I’m going to have a look right now. I managed to nail down this list but I might pinch ideas for the next one?

  10. Good thing you have photographic evidence of her helping you!

  11. I’m sure it will come in handy some day… 😉

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