Deadlines…why bother?

4 August , 2011

It really gets my goat when you’re given a deadline for something, let’s even say something BIG. And two or three days before it’s due someone (who may or may not be the actual hold up in getting things done to begin with) wants a complete feedback session with results. Grrrr!

This particular dealine is to compile a list of things still to be done before the end of the year. I don’t actually know why we bother – we’ll definitely not be sticking to it anyway. Just thought I’d put it out there.

You’ll have to excuse me – I have to attend a two hour workshop this afternoon on being excellent. My team has had to prepare a 5 min presentation on one of the topics too. We’ve spent 2 hours in meetings to produce a 5 min presentation. Am I the only one who thinks we spend too much time on talking about being excellent, and not enough time just being it?

Now for some Nicola photos of course to wrap up this post: 😉

201107242565Nicola is really determined to have her feet on the table – even if she has to lie on her back to get it done!

201107262568 Look at all the cool humidifiers! This is actually not a blurry photo at all – that’s how my Nokia decided to capture the mist.

201107262573 And here is our piggy in action. Nicola is having a very serious chat to it here. Whenever it’s not on she gives it loads of hugs and kisses and tells it “dudu baba.” Thank goodness it’s not more cudly or she’d carry it around everywhere! By far the cutest thing she’s started doing this week is calling my mom “Skattebol” (my dad’s nickname for her). Of course my mom loves it. 😉



  1. Ag oulik man!

    And I agree – too many meetings.

  2. Having meetings to have meetings just seems silly to me…plus 2 hours prep for 5 minutes of show time as well. But in the end it went well, so I guess I should just pipe down and play along?

  3. You should play Bullsh1t at your meetings… everytime you hear words like “leverage”, “innovate”, “optimise”, “employee engagement” etc, colour in a block on your grid. When you get a full house, jump up and shout, “Bullsh1t!”

    Guaranteed to make meetings more entertaining.

    SO KYOOT that Nicola calls your mom skattebol!

    And love the piggy. Adorable. Thinking of pricing them myself – with all this dust from renovations, a humidifier might help settle it a bit!

  4. What a cool idea for a meeting game – in our case the hot words would be “granular” “agile” “waterfall” “phase” “soft launch” and “elicitation requirements spec”…you’d lose if your card had any of the following on “sign off” “approval process” “within scope/budget/timeframe” or the big daddy “post implementation”

  5. Oh yes, also wanted to say : the piggy goes for R220, as does the frog, the duck goes for R180 and the other are more expensive ranging up to R1800. The piggy works just great, for R220 it works absolutely fantastic!

  6. Ha! “Skattebol”! How adorable!

  7. It’s sooo darn cute! 🙂

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