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2 August , 2011

201107262567 How I had my beta test Angel made cupcake  last week – with hot chocolate! Yumm…breakfast of champs by the way.


201107292584This is the day that the rest of the country got snow and we just got more cold. It would really be all sorts of fantastic if we could have some sunny and warm weather this coming weekend. Monday is my happy birthday and I’ve got all sorts of plans. I even took a day’s leave to make it an extra special looooong weekend. 😀

You people with all your lists of things you want done before your next birthday have inspired me to try and come up with one of my own, not sure how cool a list will be with roughly half the items relating to sleep or bubble baths – but we’ll see if I manage to pin it down in time. 😉



  1. I hear there is some great weather coming…

  2. oh please do the list!

    and let’s hope Cat’s right about the weather…

    prev post – so glad Nicola’s on the mend! Yay!

  3. cat, that is the best news I’ve had all day. 😀

    Marcia, I’ll see what I can do – trying to come up with 34 items, I’ve doodled down about 4! 😆 (but none of the relate to sleep or bubble bath YET).

  4. Cool! So you’re going to start your list on your birthday right?

  5. That’s the plan – IF I get it done in time. 😆 Maybe my number 1 should be, finish the list?

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