An apple a day…or a bag of meds, whatever.

1 August , 2011

It looks like we’re more or less on track again. I could have done cartwheels yesterday when Nicola started eating again at last, after refusing to have anything for about 4 days! Slowly but surely it looks like her tummy woes are settling too, thank goodness.

We still managed to avoid antibiotics at least, if not completely skip the normal doctor. He gave us some Valoid for the throwing up, Kentrexil for the runny tummy and Stopayne for the tonsil throat pain. The only thing out of that batch that Nicola is happy to take is the pain syrup by the way. As long as she’s eating and not throwing up I’m happy to leave the Valoid off the menu, but the other one (which is a kind of stomach cement? sure looks like it) she has to have for a day or two still. I practically have to pin her down and force it down her throat – it’s not fun at all. Can’t say I blame her either – it looks terrible, almost like a mustard coloured plaster of paris mix. Yuck! All we need is one un-runny poop and we’re done with it. *keeps fingers crossed*

Anyhoo…onwards and upwards. As you were.

201107202555Brushing Marie Biscuit’s tail – vigorously!

201107222557Nicola has two new little chairs, compliments of Ouma. They squeek when you sit down on them. Without a doubt, I can tell you that she will never own a pair of squeeky shoes if it’s up to me. 😆

201107222559Stalking Tigger…slowly. She has this new thing she does now when she sees Tigger. She tells her, “Here I am, Nicola!” before approaching her – I think maybe she gets the point that it’s not a good idea to surprise an animal with sharp bits?


  1. Teehee, so Tigger has made it clear he doesn’t like being surprised?
    I am glad her tummy is getting better at last.

  2. It’s hard to say what Tigger actually wants. She both stalks and flees Nicola. So far she hasn’t pounced yet, but I think she might have hissed at her once or twice because Nicola at some point used to say “Sssssss” when she sees her. 😉

  3. Kantrexil is exactly that – stomach cement.

  4. It looks like it did the trick at least. I vaguely remember them giving her the same in tablet form when she was much younger, That was actually a lot easier to actually get into her.

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