Review : Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

29 July , 2011

Pinched photo from The Cupcake Lady site

As you know I recently volunteered to beta test some cupcakes for Angel and the batch I selected was the chocolate chip cookie ones. On The Cupcake lady’s website the description Angel wrote for them was: It’s a dense sponge base topped with a chocolate chip pecan nut topping that looks like a cookie once it’s baked!

When you test a batch you get 12…I decided to ask my team at work to help out with the testing. It seemed like a nice group activity to start off with, and secondly I probably shouldn’t eat 12 cupcakes all by myself, now should I? 😉

The rules were as follow: if you want to play you have to pick a nickname for yourself, tell me what you thought about the cupcake, and allow me to post the review on my blog.

And without further ado, here they are – completely unedited, exactly as I received them:


Chewy and delicious!



I LOVED the idea of trying a Beta Recipe.

This one did not say cup cake to me.  😦

Rather would have liked it warm in a ramekin with a dollop of double thick woolies cream 

(I heated mine in the microwave for a couple of seconds – yum)


–  Smells heavenly , like a yummy winters day
 – explosion of chocolate, sweet and salt – nice balance

– the nuts make it heavy and not very yummy

– there is something about this chocolate, i just cant put my taste buds to it


The cup cake really looks amazing. When you go thru the website, the looks of the cup cakes will make you feel hungry I think.

My believe is if a food item looks good, and smells good, it will obviously be yummy. Hope the cup cake lady makes without eggs as well so that I can take  a few for my wife.

Thanks for bringing them.

King Fluffy

Moet se was baie lekker gewees – sponse koek was heerlik en die choc chip pecan nut topping was net reg – Groter size sou ook goed gewees het en daar moet n opsie wees om n koffie liquer te kan bysit –


“Good composition and texture.I would buy or eat another, would not say that it is better than sex however it is better than firing of a round. Headshot! When do i get more??? ”

Princess Victoria

I had R-rrrrrough morning..and then Louisa, dearest Louisa came 2me
wit cupcake. Damn I forgot..I committed 2write a review. Admin.  Sweet
Louisa recommended that I put in micro for 10 seconds.

I put it in2 mouth, bit a huge piece cos I was hungry and then time
stopped. Oh my word..I didn’t expect the inside 2b soft warm and oh my
word crunchy! Time stood still. Delish! This is totally better than
s*x..and please note my bar for s*x is very high!  Chocolate, melting,
crunchy moment. This is not a cupcake..this is love!! Why complicate
my life wit relationship for this “feeling” if can order 50 of these
and have it delivered to my home!


Refuses to comment on the grounds that it might incriminate him. He promises that he has an opinion, he just refuses to tell me what it is. But he looks friendly about it – so I’m guessing it’s good? (At least he picked a nickname and now make flying and whooshing movements and sounds when called by it).

And myself

These little chocolate chip cookie cupcakes were just lovely. Definitely not a run of the mill cupcake though – they actually said pudding to me more than cupcake. The bottom bit was crispy and the inside and top chewy and rich. Even when having a regular cupcake I always like to nuke it for 10 seconds before eating it – and I had this one the same way. Yumm, yumm, yumm! (Word of caution though, 10 seconds is really enough – Ben heated half of his up on my recommendation but went for 30 seconds instead and almost torched the office kitchen in the process!).

This was so much fun that we’ll have to do it again soon. 😀 Thanks for letting us play Angel!



  1. Thank you all of you for trying them and telling me what you think!

  2. We had a lot of fun doing it – thanks Angel!

  3. om nom nom nom!

  4. Chris, exactly that! 😀

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