Day of ASSessments

29 July , 2011

I got sucked into a 4 hour long psychometrics assessment yesterday morning, for a job I already have. Hey…it beats filing? 😉 It consisted of many many multiple choice questions, a small case study, a personal interview with a occupational therapist of some sorts, and some role play. No one even asked me to pretend I’m a chicken?

You might be wondering why I would need to go through this process since I’ve already been here almost two years? Good question. Well, on this floor where I do my thing, there are more or less three departments: HR, IT and us. Recently the powers that be (Snake-in-the-grass variety) have been selling this idea to us that we are actually also part of IT. (Imagine that! I have always just thought of myself as a particularly full of crap end user). HR and IT bits of this floor have recently undergone transformation processes being inflicted upon them, amongst others these kinds of tests. Now that we are all one (or something similar) we had to go through it too.

You might think that 4 hours of assessment must surely be enough for one day – but this was not the case. Lucky me, I got selected to participate in the Employee Engagement Survey while I was away from my desk and had yet another 20 minutes of multiple choice lurking in my inbox upon my return. 🙂

After all this it dawned on me that today was also the cut-off date for my feedback on my half year review (online), so I decided to get that out of the way as well.

I feel that I have now been measured quite enough for one day – and in celebration, “Let there be chocolate!” (did I mention I was PMS-ing while all this was going on?). I deserve a bloody medal, possibly one made from chocolate. 😉 I hope Nicola falls asleep early tonight. I would love to wallow in a bubble bath with water so hot it’s just shy of peeling my skin off my body, and that’s just not an option when she’s awake because she always tries to get in with me or steal the bubbles off the top while I’m in it.

Oh well, maybe I’ll have a glass of wine instead?

Here are some more last week Nicola piccies that I’ve already downloaded: 

201107162525Nicola and the mice, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at Ouma and Oupa’s house.

201107182540Nicola, on me, her jungle gym/mother/slave – watching…Kung Fu Panda of course! 😆


My little kissy face. Did I tell you that she now tells me she loves me back all the time? It’s a real heart melter. Sometimes she just walks into a room where I’m sitting, tells me she loves me, blows me a kiss and walks out again to go unpack something or cause some other form of havoc. 😀



  1. Ag there’s nothing quite like your kidlet telling you they love you is there!

  2. It’s one of my favourite parts of this mommy business. 😉

  3. […] yes, and I heard just a tiny bit of feedback yesterday about the recent bouts of psycometric testing we had to go through a couple of weeks ago. Nothing official yet because Steamcleaner doesn’t […]

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