More cuteness

28 July , 2011

Last night we had an extreme overload of cute at our house! I’ll post the photos when I get round to downloading them – but just to give you an idea of the two main events of our evening:

After work/school we stopped at dischem to buy another humidifier. The one we’ve been using is older than my brother, and even though it works just fine it makes a helluva lot of noise and has to be topped up often – so not ideal for sleeping with it on.

Nicola’s been suffering from a few nose bleeds and I thought it might be a good idea to get one that we could leave on since the dry air might be party to blame, also it usually helps a lot with coughing. Dischem have a whole kaboodle of humidifiers available at the moment – from hot and cold serious looking machines to spiderman and winni-the-pooh ones that also double as night lights. We picked one shaped like a little pink piggy (when I say we I mean I did, Nicola wanted them all), the mist comes out of his nostrils! Nicola’s excitement knew no bounds.

I asked them to unpack and test it for me before we take it –  I don’t have time to be fart-arsing to and from Dischem with faulty machines if it didn’t and they kindly agreed. While we were putting that piggy through its paces, Nicola attracted quite a following of old biddies who were all in awe of her curly hair and rosy cheecks and how friendly she was. (I’m not kidding, the crowd of oumatjies were 5 thick at some point!)

Anyhoo, piggy in place misting up our place we set about our normal evening routine of dinner and bath time and Kung Fu Panda and such. I quickly wanted to get the dishes done before we hit the hay but Nicola was having none of that. She desperately wanted to see what I was up to and kept wiggling her way in between myself and the sink.

There are many things that I can do with one hand – washing the dishes is not one of them.

Eventually I tipped out the laundry basket and put it down upside down in front of where I was trying to get some work done. Next step, I put Nicola on top of it like a stepping stool so that she could see exactly what I was doing. The result? One extremely pleased little princess. While I washed the baby bottles I even have her the teat brush and let her do those – what an eager little helper. 

I strongly suspect that i will not be allowed to do this chore on my own again… 😉

The piggy worked its magic all night long without disturbing us or needing to be topped up. It uses about as much power as a 40W light bulb, so not a biggy on that either. Nicola didn’t cough at all and I coughed a lot less than I have been – we slept through, woke up on time, and both felt like a million bucks this morning. Money well spent I think. 😀

Now for some other photos that I have already downloaded: 


These were taken  a week or so ago when P and his son Super-M came over for a quick cup of coffee. Super-M had his birthday a while ago andwe couldn’t make it because we were sick, so at least we got a chance to give him his gift too. That is one seriously friendly young man…and BIG. If you see him and Nicola next to each other you wouldn’t say there was about 6 month between them in her favour.

201107172536-001 See what I mean?


It’s amazing how much chaos they spread between the two of them. 😉



  1. Love the Dischem story! I can just picture it 🙂

  2. Yay for the piggy! You’ve made me seriously consider a humidifier.

  3. Marcia, she has that effect almost everywhere we go. And everyone just keeps wanting to stroke her hair! 😆 Doesn’t seem to bug her so as long as no one tries to pick her up or stand between us so I’m cutt off from her then I let them carry on a bit. I mean, she is seriously adorable, so I can’t really blame them. 😉

    Tamara, get one! You won’t be sorry. My parents got the first one when my brother used to be plagued by asthma (especially in May and September months). It really helped out a lot with that too. Whenever I’m sick I like to have it on, because it just helps me breathe easier. Ps! Got your mail thank you, just haven’t been online with anything other than my cellphone so I haven’t replied yet. (At the salt mines I don’t have access to my gmail account either).

  4. Yeah on better nights. We use our humidifier every night for the boys because of C’s asthma, but last night I didn’t and L slept through – making me wonder…

  5. I wonder if that could affrct L’s sleep, worth looking into I think?

  6. I tossed out my humidifier about a year ago. It was also older than Methuselah!

  7. Our piggy is fitting in nicely – and it’s making a helluva difference.

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