Drop, tuck and roll!

27 July , 2011

So…after a 3:00 Kung Fu Panda wake-up call the day before our next morning started out very differently. I should probably start off by telling you that I’m still coughing like crazy – so last night I decided that a bit of cough syrup was in order on top of the herbal stuff that I’m already taking. It’s a very special syrup that the doctor made up for me a while ago, mixed up from 4 different other syrups, one of them being celestamine of some sort.

Anyhoo…it knocked me out cold. I woke up this morning with such a fright, wondering why the heck it was light outside already. We usually get up at 05:00…I woke up at 7:45! I didn’t know that at first because my alarm/cellphone wasn’t on my bedside table where I usually put it. Where the heck did it go? I know I set it the night before, and I know I put it in its usual spot on the charger – now it was missing. I eventually found it wedged between my two pillows. In my sleep I must have not managed the snooze button and silenced the phone in some other way.

A mad scurry followed where I brushed my teeth, washed my face, brushed my hair, threw on some clothes, packed Nicola’s bag, threw 2 oranges at mine (no time to make a sandwich), ran around unplugging and shutting down things, packing up work and home laptops and so on. Meanwhile Nicola still slept, blissfully unaware.

I tried waking her up. No joy. I noticed that her night bottle was still full, so either she slept through too, or I just didn’t wake up to hear her ask for it. I started dressing her while she slept, at which point she did wake up and let me know that she was not even a little bit pleased about it. I pretended to be deaf and carried on anyway. There should be a special category in wrestling unwilling toddlers into clothes – I would be a gold medal holder for sure, and I’m being modest here.

Of course she also put in a request to see the panda bear, but the laptop was already stashed for the day – so that wasn’t happening. I tried to give her the morning meds, she refused. Ended up wacking it in her school bottles and hoping for the best.  I phoned the school to check what time breakfast is, because if she missed it we would have to do the cereal and well-meaning mommy vs. sulky Nicola dance too before we could hit the road. Those beautiful people at school promised to keep some for her – I could have climbed through the phone and kissed that woman!

Next step, hustle an extremely unimpressed Nicola into her car seat and pull off. Then go back again to check if I managed to lock the front door – which I did (OCD don’t fail me now!). Attacked her with a wet wipe to get the sleep out of her eyes on the way in to the class, while carrying her and the bag in one hand, wet wipe in the other, can’t remember which one I punched the security code in with to open the gate – all while half running down the pathway.

After Nicola drop off, I get stuck in the mother of all traffic jams (of course), SMS Steamcleaner to tell her that I have experienced a true modern miracle! Never thought I’d EVER be able to say I overslept again, and that I was on THE way at whatever bat-out-of-hellish speed traffic would allow (which was not very fast because I must have had a sign on my car somewhere that said “hear ye, hear he – cut in front of me and then slack down to 20km/h”). Luckily I brought in Angel’s Beta test cupcakes today – so everyone forgave me for being late. I’ll do a post up on that as soon as I have all the verdicts in.  

I didn’t do too badly I think. Woke up almost 3 hours late and only rocked up 1 hour and 15 mins late for work – without speeding (not for lack of trying I promise). But I felt like I’ve been running around trying to catch up all day since then.


This photo was taken on a recent trip to the botanical gardens with T and her daughter H. Nicola is very proud to able to climb these benches all by herself now – and was trying to convince H to do the same.

201107162514   201107162518

The two pink terrorists rifling through the picnic food and unpacking everything!

201107162522Ice cream moustache – is there any better kind?


  1. I want an ice-cream mustache!

    Hope the sleep did you both loads of good.

  2. Me too, but maybe not today while it’s so bloody cold again. I actually can’t believe we slept that long…unheard of! I think it did us a world of good.

  3. 7:45 sounds heavenly – I think you need to make friends with Celestamine about once a week 🙂

    Also nearly 3 hours = only 1 hour late – fantastic!

  4. 😆 I’ve been having it every night since then. Sleep has not been a problem this week for either me or Nicola (except for the Panda bear incident). She’s actually slept right through almost every night.

    I was very impressed with my catching up cababilities. I reckon I could have made up that hour too if I didn’t meet with so much Nicola resistance on the matter.

  5. LOL at both of you oversleeping!!

  6. Trust me…no one was more surprised than me!

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