25 July , 2011
  • I’m so grateful that the weather here in JHB has made a turn for the better.
  • I’m so grateful that Nicola and I are both starting to recover from our monster flu.
  • I’m so grateful that I have an awesome family who is always willing to support us, and help us out in times when we’re not at our best (and any other time too). 😉
  • I’m so grateful that I have a job and that I earn enough to see to all of Nicola’s needs (and some of her wants)
  • That being said, I am also so grateful that this week has a payday in it! 😆

Nicola with her two new favourites, Mickey and Minnie. She’s showing them the garden through the window in a bid to try and get out there herself. I tried my best to give her a few minutes here and there when it wasn’t too cold…but it wasn’t nearly as much as she’s used to.

201107122486Lap of choice for the evening: Oupa. While we were both down with the flu we camped out at my folks’ place. Every night Nicola had a little ritual of picking out in whose arms she wanted to fall asleep.

201107132491  When it was still FREEZING! You know it was cold if Nicola not only conceded to wearing a hat, but also insisted on wearing (my) gloves.



  1. Awww… so cute in your gloves!

    I’m grateful for pics of Nicola to make me smile on Mondays 😉

  2. And then I hear the cold is coming any moment again.

  3. Tamara, 😆 thank you!

    cat, heard that too and I’m really not happy about it.

  4. Aw lookit the beanie!!!

  5. Cute hey? I even managed to get her to keep in on for about half an hour. 😉

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