Seen around

20 July , 2011

201106212327I bet you can tell who that is – maybe the printing medium is not so clear? I’ll give you a hint…it’s toilet paper. 😆 My dad got a piece of this from a colleague.

201107062436  This is what 2’C looks like in JHB. I was trying to get the frost, but I don’t think it worked properly.

201107112477 This is the other face of 2’C. It’s too damn cold I tell you. Come on Winter, P off so we can get some Spring around here!

201107092446 How cool is that?! These lovely lobes (and zippy earrings) belong to Angel, as seen at the Tranquil Body Treats party the other day.

201107122481 Popped out for a coffee with a colleague the other day and we came across some peaceful strikers in from of the Chamber of Mines. I told him, if someone tried to shoot me with a rubber bullet I was NOT going to be impressed. I think there might have been more police than protesters in that street.

201107132488This is the coffee he had. (I like mine extra unhealthy with cream and it’s no good for writing in). Every time you go there they write something else in the foam. Nice touch I think.

201107132490   The view from our smoking balcony on the 4th floor. This is midday – probably about 14’C.

201107142494I do love a good sunrise. 😀

201107142495Oi! Cape Town, your mist has gone wondering off, please collect when you’re ready…Sparrow tells me it goes up to 25’C there during the day at the moment. How is this possible? Shouldn’t you be having your monsoon right about now?



  1. Now today’s weather I can live with! Nice and warm.

  2. Muuuch better – I can live with it too.

  3. Awww… I want some love in my coffee too!

  4. Tamara, me too – but I’m not willing to give up on the cream to get it. 😉

  5. This cold has been crazy! Even my dogs have been wearing their jerseys all day!

  6. Angel, I am very tired of winter now – really, it must end.

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