I have a sad in my kidney

20 July , 2011

sad kidney

So I managed to go see the homeopath yesterday to sort me out. I went mainly for Nicola’s refill of meds, but figures while I’m there I might as well get myself seen to as well.

Before I get into that, perhaps you’d like an update on Nicola’s health since we started this treatment. Well, obviously we are seeing positive results or we wouldn’t be going back for more, right? 😉 In the last month she has been ill with flu (mostly this last week)…but no fevers the entire month and almost two weeks of what I would call excellent health too. That is already a vast improvement, and I am satisfied with the progress. We do understand that it’s a three month course and these things don’t happen overnight.

Now for myself I went because I got Nicola’s flu (as always). If this meds is good enough for her it should be good enough for me too, right? And since my main concern with Nicola’s health has been that she has no resistance to anything, I had even more reason to go myself, because I get EVERYTHING she gets and by the ripe old age of 32 I really should have some sort of immune system going for me by now?

The other thing I wanted the doctor to take a look at was my hair loss. Look…I started out with more than most, so I still have a fair bit left, but I have no desire to actually become bald! (My dad’s hair started curling just before he lost most of it, and I think you might remember that mine started curling last year so I am a little freaked out by that).

The doctor asked me a whole bunch of questions and tested my response to a few things…and then she declared that I have a yang deficiency in my kidneys. (I don’t have all of those symptoms, but I have quite a few of them). A what?! I hear you ask…look, I don’t name these things and when you go to a herbal doctor it’s not like they ever diagnose you with a lack of rosemary. 😉

In more understandable terms that she explained it to me: I am overwhelmed and running on empty – my kidneys are involved in this somehow – It can be treated. When the kidneys are on track again we’ll relook at my stress response and depression too. She is confident that she can sort it all out. All this sounds very reasonable to me, and if 60 drops of a tonic a day can get me to a place where I feel back on track of myself and my life, then sign me up scotty. (I’m on day 2 and I do actually do already feel a lot better so hope springs eternal).

You know how I’m always whining about sleep (or lack thereof) and how little energy I have? Well, I started wondering how much sleep I really get. I know it feels like none at all, but maybe my kidney sad is to blame for this to some extent?

Here is my sleep patterns for the last few days (keep in mind that in general I consider a 5 hour sleep as good, and anything over 7 as brilliant).

  • 15/7 = 4 + 3 (still felt crap)
  • 16/7 = 4 + 6 (okay)
  • 17/7 = 3 + 3 (crap)
  • 18/7 = 2 + 3 (really crap)
  • 19/7 = 5       (pretty good actually, even with flu)

Maybe it’s not about how many hours, but rather on how many uninterrupted hours? Who knows. I’ll let you know how it goes and if the drops turn out to be my wonder-cure.



  1. Sjoe. That sounds quite serious. I always thought that to have healthy kidneys you just need to drink lots of water.
    Hope your tonic sorts you out chop-chop. Am actually considering using a homeopath for my sinus and chest issues and for my sons eczema. Problem is that I simply don’t have the patience to wait for it to work. Need to see results in 12 hours max. Very instant gratification I am.

  2. Julia, I suppose it is serious – when people start throwing terms around like life force and such i always get a little nervous. 😉

    I hear you about the instant gratification business, but what I like is that this doctor doesn’t necessarily treat the symptoms but rather goes after the root cause. I’ll stick her number up, in case you change your mind?

    Dr. Cherise Baker
    011 475 4637
    083 458 8100

    She doesn’t usually answer the phone, because she’s busy consulting – but she always gets back to you within 24 hours.

  3. So glad she is helping Louisa – I am a homeopath believer!!!

    I said to D that its not the lack of sleep that is a killer but the fact that its interrupted!

  4. I am also now keeping track of how much I sleep and how I feel. And I have to agree – the uniterrupted is the magic.

  5. Laura & cat, yep – the interrupted sleep is killing by buzz.

  6. It’s definitely uninterrupted sleep. When the babies were still little babies, I would feel like a new woman if I had about 4 – 5 hours in a row. Some nights I’d have 7 but because they were interrupted, no good to me.

    BTW you’re posting too much – I haven’t checked for about 2 – 3 days and 6 in my GR?! 🙂

  7. Hahahaha, sorry. I’m trying to keep it down to one a day again. 😉 Take your time though, they’re not going anywhere – so when you’re ready. (except one that I nuked after posting which you still might find in your reader…it’s about my leave request. If you see it and you can’t get to it, that’s why).

  8. I definitely do better on uninterrupted sleep, even if its only a few hours.
    I am very glad the homeopathic stuff is working for Nicola, so lets hope it does the same for you.

  9. *sigh*
    Once step forward, two steps back. I’ll do a post up in a bit to explain.

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