Out and about with Ouma

19 July , 2011

201107102461  201107102462

For the love of pebbles! These are some of the photos from the other day’s scratch patch experience. Nicola LOVED it. We’re definitely going to be doing that again. Luckily it’s not that big, so I don’t have to get in to fetch her. 😉

201107102465  201107102467

And this is us at Milky Lane after a hard day of shopping.

201107102474An unexpected bonus surprise: Ouma got Nicola a bouncy ball that lights up. Endless fun. She chases this macgafter up and down the house for hours on end.



  1. Ah, too much cuteness.

  2. I want a ball like that too!!!

  3. cat, unbelievably cute!

    Angel, they go for R25 a pop at the crystal shop (and they’re too big to swallow). 😀

  4. What a cool present for a kidlet!

    I remember having to haul my brother out of the scratch patch when he was a kid for a) trying to eat the stones and b) kicking them all over other kids. But that was a much bigger scratch patch 🙂

  5. 😆 Nicola tries to eat the smaller ones too. Or not eat them exactly, but at least put them in her mouth, mostly cause she knows it bugs the hell out of me!

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